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  1. you're story makes me feel so normal... I'm from the Philippines and cousin relationships are a big no no here. Unlike you and Marie, I only met my cousin back in September 2011. As I've mentioned, I'm from the Philippines and my cousin; Alex is from Germany. We instantly connected. I was in a 10 year relationship with someone who abused me emotionally,verbally and physically but was able to get out of it. I was single for quite some time but was dating. Never have I ever had a connection with anyone I dated until I met Alex. From the moment I first saw his smile, I knew I was hooked. It only took him two weeks to make me fall in love with him BUT i was trying to deny that to myself. His last night here in the Philippines, we went out drinking with another cousin but it was just him and me who were talking the whole night long. When the night had to come to an end I took them back to their hotel in a cab. He let our other cousin out first and he lingered a bit in the cab. Admittedly, I was tired because I had not yet had sleep since I got home from work that day (I work nights. It was a Saturday at 2sh am and I've been awake since Thursday) I told him that I had to get some sleep because I'd still meet them for breakfast. I leaned forward to kiss him good night on the cheek but he caught my lips with his. Honestly, it was a pleasant surprise but I was shocked. When I looked at him, he was smiling shyly. Then he got out of the cab, looked back at me, thanked me for the wonderful night, smiled and waved goodbye. The whole cab ride home I was wondering whether that kiss was an honest mistake or if he meant it to happen. Met them for breakfast that morning and for some reason we would be glancing at each other at the same time. We'd just smile at each other. After breakfast the entire family went to the mall and yet we all went our own separate ways. I'm 30, Alex was 31 at the time and I have a brother who is 24 so naturally I thought I'd be alone (which was perfectly fine with me) because I thought it was my brother who Alex would prefer to be with. But Alex followed me. Ok. He asked me where he could buy certain things because he was leaving the Philippines that night, so i showed him around. The whole time that we were walking around the mall he was holding my hand... our fingers were intertwined... or he would always have he's arm around me. Weirdly, it felt so right. Time came for us to head to the airport, on the way there I could feel myself tearing up. When we got to the airport and were saying our goodbyes, when it was him who i was hugging to say goodbye to, I couldn't help the tears from flowing.. when i looked up at him, he was crying too. When he looked down at me, he asked if I had skype. hahahaha. And yes, I gave him my skype username. When he got back to Germany, we were always chatting even when we were at work and when we were both home we'd always be on skype. Skype was always on even when we were asleep! hahahaha. I honestly tried to convince myself that what he and I were sharing was something friendly. But it was really obvious that it was something else. In the short amount of time that I knew him, I knew I had fallen. Not less than a month from when he left the Philippines, we decided to be exclusive. Why deny it, right? We tried to hide our relationship for my sake but I was tired of having to have to hide something so beautiful. As soon as we came out with it, the Filipino family started to disown us, but our German and Canadian relatives are pretty much supportive. He came back here last December, and yes, your airport scene was pretty much my airport scene minus the Blue uniform. When we saw each other, we simply ran into each others' arms and passionately kissed each other. When he left, it was water works... but he came back last May and left again last June but is coming back on December again... Most of my friends know that he is my first degree cousin. even my two sons (13 and 9) know that their uncle Alex is my first degree cousin and they're very much happy for me. They say that they've never seen me this happy... Still haven't talked to my mom since she disowned me, Alex has not talked to his dad since he disowned him. His dad and my mom are brother and sister. Alex's mom, brother and 2 sister's are very happy and very supportive of us. Unfortunately, my sister and brother disowned me too. Nevertheless, I know time heals everything, sooner or later i think they'll come around. So sorry if I bored you with my story. Reading your story made me want to share mine too. Again, thanks for making me feel normal. I thought at first that this was so out of the ordinary....
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