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  1. @ Michael520 My cousin left me too, we didn't talk for 8 years. She didn't come back til after my wife left me. If the connection you had feels like the strongest thing you've ever felt, and you know she feels that way too, don't give up! It's just an illusion that she doesn't want to be with you or left. Not in a million years did I think my cousin would come back to me. Believe in miracles and make them happen.
  2. @ stefanie I will definitely be reading your story. Looking forward to it. I am so glad we could make a connection. Exciting stuff. This website has been such a blessing by bringing together us together to give support to one another. By the way, you guys make a super cute couple. I have to keep this short cause my phone is being soooo slow. Gonna read your story right now.
  3. @ purplexy Well sounds like you got a plan. Keep your eyes on the prize. You'll gain nothing by settling. Way to ambush em though. Your family will never see it comin. Lol.
  4. @ Purplexy54, Please feel free to ramble on. I have been dealing with this conflict for many years. I feel so great to be able to get to talk and express my feelings and situations with like hearted people going through the same thing. I confessed my love for my cousin to my dad before he passed away, and he said it's natural but that I would probably just move on, he was my best friend. Even if he was alive today, I don't think he would think twice about it. First off let me set it up just in case. My mom and her dad are brother and sister. She hasn't had the closest relationship with
  5. @ YorkHawk Thanx so much for your sentiment. I am so happy to share my story with others who understand these feelings, well really with anyone. But even more so with those who find comfort, and appreciation for my story. If you like let me know how your story turns out, I am very interested to know. Thanx again for your comment, I love to hear peoples thoughts. Cheers, Godspeed.
  6. @ Blue Monn I just turned 29. We finally started our life as a couple a few weeks ago, so we've talked about having kids but nothing in the works yet. I was speaking of future tense as my goals of being such and such father and husband. So what's your situation? How old are you and your love? Happy you enjoyed the story.
  7. This is a public declaration of love for my babydoll. We are first cousins. As I read the other stories on this forum, my princess declared my thoughts, but out loud" that sounds exactly like us" and indeed the last three paragraphs I had read to her sounded like the conversation we had, not the previous night. I had to stop and catch myself from crying periodically, as the emotions became to much. Reminding both of us of the time we let slip away for the past 8 years with no talking whatsoever. She brought another stab to my heart when she said, I can't believe that 14 year old girl had the s
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