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  1. gf3 sucks. Joey Zaza has a stupid 90s name and we are supposed to beleive that he can get away with threatening Vincents life? Micheal does nothing to protect his nephew really? Anthony is an opera singer with his own lead role as his debut and Micheal cares that he isn't a dime a dozen lawyer? Man up and admit that Anthony is gay already - not that Micheal would care at all. Micheal and Kay agree that cousin romance is not a mortal sin. They juxtapose it heavily against Fredo's death. Micheal sees nothing coming and his family pays the price. Vincent is unidimentional, Micheal is slow witted, Mary is an imbecile, Kay stands for nothing and where are clemenza and hagen? The helicopter scene is a joke. Biggest movie disapointment... since... well... um... of all time I guess. Yup. Biggest movie disappointment of all time. If they wanted to focus on sexual morality fine, do it right. Take a stand. Either kill vincent because it is "wrong" or let him live in peace. Don't be coy. The cat is out of the bag. But the godfather isn't a love story, so really the Vincent and mary thing should have only been addressed in passing. But how do you mention it in passing? Well for starters you can point out that cousin relationships are as old as time. Done. Killing in self defense is ok, Cousin love is ok, killing your brother because he is a greedy backstabing buffoon is not ok. Does that sum it up? The godfather is about the bonds of family and power. The reason Tom Hagen is in the first two movies is to show that family and clan is more than blood. If Vincent and Mary show that endogamy exists particularly within strong clans, fine. But gf3 was supposed to be the fall of the empire. If they wanted to show an aging godfather with no heir and the loss of power and insight, fine - do that then. Give me a faltering and weak Micheal with the vultures closing in and a family that has forsaken him. Show me Vincent and Mary who petition him to aid in getting a dispensation and are torn between working with men who might be enemies while Micheal categorically rejects the notion of violence as a legitimate danger to him now that he is on the straight and narrow. Do something. gf3 sucks. period.
  2. I would not be able to reverse my spirituality either. I might be able to grow it, but not change the underlying assumptions.
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