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  1. Hey Elijah Thank you for that compliment. I agree with you that this site really is a blessing, it gave me the strength to believe in myself and also knowing that I'm not alone in this situation. It really is amazing, so many people all over the world, so many different lifestyles and in the end we all just want to be with the one we love the most, our cousins. It really is an amazing love with a connection unbreakable. Many greetings from Belgium. Stefanie
  2. Hello Wow, i was very happy when i read your story. It give me the hope and strength to fight for my cousin who i love with all my heart. I told my family yesterday of our 2 years relationship. They were shocked and asked me to chose. Offcours i didn't let my cousin down and chose for him. You can read my story here to (fight for what you love, never give up!) that's the title. I just wanna thank you to publish your story, so i knew i was not the only when who had to go true hard times. Thank you and I hope you and your cousin can have a healthy, lovely live together. I wish you all the best. Stefanie
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