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  1. My bf(cousin) is my everything. He makes me feel as though I can take on anything with him by my side. Everytime I see he's texting me, hear his ringtones on texts or calls my heart literally skips beats and I get so excited. When we are together it's like nothing in the world matters as long as we have each other. I have NEVER felt a love the way i do for Mike and so happy that we both took the chance and went out on a limb and admitted feelings for each other.
  2. What a beautiful story. My bf(cousin) and I are very similar to you two. We always liked each other back in high school but nothing ever happened till the past few months things got serious and we have been dating for quite some time now. I wish you nothing but happiness, it's nice to hear that you both are so in love and come so far! Congrats If you'd like to read my story it's on here as well!
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