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  1. Its been a while since the jokes had new stuff lol, and thought it was funny. We crack jokes about us all the time. I love to laugh about it. :biggrin: The only family that is gonna be there is the family we share lol!
  2. I'm marring my first cousin in June. We both have kids from previous marriages. I'm hoping the preacher says something about joining the two families and not just a couple!!! Bahahaha! And its gonna be a small wedding, just inviting family!!! Hehehehe! :laughter: :laughter: :haha: :girl_haha:
  3. HEPSMP, Thank you so much! It is nice to know that I'm not the only LDS on here! Hearing a reconformation of what i have been told means a lot! How have you been accepted in your ward? I haven't told many people in mine, well I should say I haven't told anyone (except my branch pres) my ex has, but have talked to one of the people he told. Heather
  4. I talked to my branch pres and he told me that as long as we married legally and legal in the state we lived it was ok. What have you heard? I was completely berated by my ex before talking to my branch pres however! He kept lying to me telling me that the pres had told him it was not ok at all! lacousin28
  5. Im Mormon and just wanted to know if anyone else on here was Mormon too?
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