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  1. Why are we here on this site? What steps have we taken to be with our cousins? I am on this site because I wanted to inform myself on the subject of cousin marriage. The people here are helpful, knowledgeable, level-headed, and most of the leaders of the site are Christians which made me feel safe to open up. I have done nothing to be with my cousin except keep in touch with him as a cousin. I highly doubt anything will ever come of it more than friends and I'm okay with that. It was probably just a general crush at the time.
  2. Of which age do you speak? (Continuing from original line)
  3. body...odor...? Now that's love... LOL
  4. (HAHAHAAA) LuluBlueBell, are Phoenixes the ones that burst into flame?
  5. hehe.....ahem.... webcam? *clearing throat nervously* Does anyone have the number to the local police...? (Lol)
  6. Does anyone else find it hilarious that we're talking about bird watching when we can't even see EACH OTHER? :laughter:
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