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  1. I was getting ready to write this. Couldn;t have been said better. It may also be a good idea to hire a writer to take your thoughts that can put together an outline so that the book isn;t confusing and has a flow that makes sense to the reader. Many think writing is putting words on paper. This is far from the truth. If you do not realize the complication of writing a book, then you probably shouldn't be writing one. I am a published writer and had considered a book. It seems to me that once the same sex marriage controversy has passed, it would be a great window of opportunity t
  2. If it is an easy quick find for a live stream I will watch it. Live streams are illegal to stream but not illegal to watch. You have to use a VPN with torrents to be undetected. Most people just download torrents then get shut off, phone calls and letters from their ISP.
  3. I liked Jude [link] Here is How I live Now
  4. I was going to post that on here but forgot. I heard it from a cousin that married her cousin LOL as well! Wife cuz just reminded me that last week on SHameless when Fiona is filling out a wedding app her Groom to be says out loud "are you related to participant A?" and they laugh LOL!
  5. Lookin' good. We don;t often eat much fried stuff but make up for it like that on a rare occasion!
  6. I am guilty of ranting on my website and on facebook about the current political administration and can't help myself because of the issues I just cannot accept... I know acceptance is importan virtue but I come from a long line of folks that fought for this country.... Whew, I almost started again! Anyway, I just take a few days off from the idiots and all is good for a little while! LOL!
  7. I can't give you +1 on Karma or Kudos- no button
  8. No option for sent messages, I guess I didn't save them...
  9. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to see or read my sent messages in my inbox. Can anyone explain howto? Thanx
  10. I am agnostic although my cuzwife is a Presbyterian...
  11. http://youtu.be/sdybGvoemM4 XBMC on $30 Rasbperri Pi http://youtu.be/ErWF2sYgJec Can't root ROKU anymore to install XBMC- BUMMER! I use 2 screen setup for our media center- a 46" for xbmc and a 22" for regulr pc needs. ALL ABOUT XBMC
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