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  1. I was getting ready to write this. Couldn;t have been said better. It may also be a good idea to hire a writer to take your thoughts that can put together an outline so that the book isn;t confusing and has a flow that makes sense to the reader. Many think writing is putting words on paper. This is far from the truth. If you do not realize the complication of writing a book, then you probably shouldn't be writing one. I am a published writer and had considered a book. It seems to me that once the same sex marriage controversy has passed, it would be a great window of opportunity t
  2. If it is an easy quick find for a live stream I will watch it. Live streams are illegal to stream but not illegal to watch. You have to use a VPN with torrents to be undetected. Most people just download torrents then get shut off, phone calls and letters from their ISP.
  3. I liked Jude [link] Here is How I live Now
  4. I was going to post that on here but forgot. I heard it from a cousin that married her cousin LOL as well! Wife cuz just reminded me that last week on SHameless when Fiona is filling out a wedding app her Groom to be says out loud "are you related to participant A?" and they laugh LOL!
  5. Lookin' good. We don;t often eat much fried stuff but make up for it like that on a rare occasion!
  6. I am guilty of ranting on my website and on facebook about the current political administration and can't help myself because of the issues I just cannot accept... I know acceptance is importan virtue but I come from a long line of folks that fought for this country.... Whew, I almost started again! Anyway, I just take a few days off from the idiots and all is good for a little while! LOL!
  7. I can't give you +1 on Karma or Kudos- no button
  8. No option for sent messages, I guess I didn't save them...
  9. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to see or read my sent messages in my inbox. Can anyone explain howto? Thanx
  10. I am agnostic although my cuzwife is a Presbyterian...
  11. http://youtu.be/sdybGvoemM4 XBMC on $30 Rasbperri Pi http://youtu.be/ErWF2sYgJec Can't root ROKU anymore to install XBMC- BUMMER! I use 2 screen setup for our media center- a 46" for xbmc and a 22" for regulr pc needs. ALL ABOUT XBMC
  12. [flash=200,200]http://youtu.be/sdybGvoemM4[/flash] Doesn't work but shows up on "preview" http://youtu.be/sdybGvoemM4 [youtube][url]http://youtu.be/sdybGvoemM4[/url][/youtube][code] works (above)
  13. I can't get flash to embed: http://youtu.be/sdybGvoemM4 or
  14. XBMC I tell ya! http://youtu.be/idUHKar8a20 The video example above can be installed easily by downloading xbmc then going to my website and downloading a .zip file and replacing a folder with it on your machine in windows. Super easy and better than any other TV available anywhere. I bagged Direct TV and cable and have been cable free for years... Weird- the embedded Youtube video shows in preview but not in post (I didnt add flash tags above ) <---with flash tags
  15. I have a 2.3G library (about 32K songs with a couple tatu albums in it. I listen to just about everything other than rap although some family has added rap to the library... I have been looking for a free online locker to store it all...google play only allows 20K songs.
  16. I have a windows based link online now- all you need to do is download xbmc then swap a folder out after unzipping it and you are good to go, PM me if anyone wants the link to it (it is on my personal website)
  17. Scroll down and watch it HERE ONLINE
  18. We get every movie and tv station around the world, for free. XBMC It is really simple actually. Plus you can view your photos and video as well as music library and movies on it too. My friends have netflix hulu and google - and don't get anywhere near what we do. If you open up an IMDB account and put your credentials into xbmc, you can choose the movies online and they show up on your watchlist or custom menu to watch whenever you wish... I can't say it is legal to stream this stuff but it isn't illegal to watch the streams. XBMC is for watching streams only. We use a machine (pc) a
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