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  1. As far as I know I am the only published author currently on site and I have a few pointers for anyone who is planning or working on a book. 

    Study writing techniques - take a course, join a writing group and/or do a LOT of reading of well written books. 

    Write and rewrite.  Read out loud to hear how it sounds.

    Proofread, proofread, proofread.  Computer spell check will allow lots and lots of errors. 

    After my first draft was done, I had two good friends with PhDs in English proofread it for me.  And we still had errors, one of which made it into the published version!!!  lol

    I encourage you to work hard on your books - just putting one word after another is NOT IMO writing.  Sloppy writing is just sloppy.

    If you want to ask questions, feel free to send me a pm.  Good luck.



    I was getting ready to write this.

    Couldn;t have been said better.

    It may also be a good idea to hire a writer to take your thoughts  that can put together an outline so that the book isn;t confusing and has a flow that makes sense to the reader.

    Many think writing is putting words on paper. This is far from the truth.

    If you do not realize the complication of writing a book, then you probably shouldn't be writing one.

    I am a published writer and had considered a book.

    It seems to me that once the same sex marriage controversy has passed, it would be a great window of opportunity to put something outthere that can represent us.

    As long as it is not just a comic book.

    No offense Just sayin'.

  2. I was going to post that on here but forgot. I heard it from a cousin that married her cousin LOL as well!

    Wife cuz just reminded me that last week on SHameless when Fiona is filling out a wedding app her Groom to be says out loud "are you related to participant A?" and they laugh LOL!

  3. I can see, genetics can be weird. I did read somewhere that a lot are attracted to people that represent our parents or even ourselves. Whether its true or not i don't know. My Cousin DOESN'T resemble me or my parents but i suppose factors vary for individuals Lol


    [move]GSA <---Check this out[/move]

  4. there is no correlation, you're right. and really there's not much social stigma against gays anymore anyway. but really, i hate when people try to compare the plight of cousins and gays.

    I think we have all seen that map that says in these states it is acceptable to marry your cousin but not your gay lover. I have read articles that gay people have made fun of us and explain that they cannot understand how we should be allowed and they not. It is astonishing to me.

    Like comparing apples to bananas...

  5. My dad actually suggested we meet up after I told him- he kept saying WHAT? WHAT? NO WAY! ---LOL!

    Yeah, we gotta- I think I am starting a new consulting job so not right now but maybe before we move.- My3rd cousin once removed LOL!

    Good to hear about your son whatrtheodds!

    This still hasn't sunk in fully yet LOL!

    ...and yeah- the stigma is BS- even worse being compared to gays- not that I am against them I just do not see any correlation.Failed Eugenics and ignorance. I was guilty of it as well intill I ran into T and everything changed.

  6. T said to me "Could you imagine what our family reunion would be like!"

    Then I thought about it...WOW

    I told my dad about you guys. He said WHAT? WHAT? NO WAY!

    He deals with us but I have heard through others in the family that he doesn't dig it at all.

    T said she hopes her dad hears it from mine or someone else because she won't bring it up to him because of how pissed he is about us.

    Kinda like having more ammo!

    T's son doesn't believe you guys exist LOL!

  7. I am willing to wager that the odds aren;t that high that distant cousins have married their first cousin but then again with us, I am probably way off base and wrong.

    What a shocker!

    it is so interesting that you visited this site around the time I did and that you guys got married the same year as we did and that we are of the same generation...

    You know, the older I get the more I learn that I know less. I still can't believe this LOL!

  8. Being that distant cousin who has married her cousin, I wholeheartedly agree, gotitGOOD! It is really great to have somewhere to share with and am glad my curiosity paid off and I asked the question.

    I am also curious if we are unique in our situation or if others know of cousins marrying cousins.




    WhatRtheodds- really?!!!

    Yeah- this is too cool!

    I don;t know what to say LOL! For the first time I am at a loss for words- actually I think twice this week- when you first told me about you and yours LOL! My wife is gonna dig this!

  9. LOL- I have been searching genealogy for awhile now and found a penciled chart of my great grandfather (over 250 years ago) and arrows pointing to either his brother or his cousin that possibly married his wife after he died. We have never been able to figure it out LOL!

    It is awesome though to have a relative, a distant cousin to talk to about our lives when we can't really with anyone else about our relationship.

    I do believe if I looked around the people I know and in my ancestry that it is much more prevalent than I am currently aware.

    So cool to have someone come out and ask who is in the same life LOL!

  10. After spending a year on a Genealogy search, a few weeks ago I met a cousin online that shared a GGG Grandfather (we have searched back 7 generations).

    Today she asked me if my wife and I are cousins because my wife's father is my uncle on social media.

    I tell her the truth and explain to her that we don't flaunt it but we don't hide it either.

    She writes back:

    Well let me knock your socks off. My husband and I are first cousins too. Same scenario. We didn't grow up together either. He is my 1st cousin on my mothers side.


    They must be much lower than I originally thought.

    They are also military brats as we are.

    Makes you wonder if there is a higher percentage of cousins that are from military families because they don't grow up together but the families are strong and communicate at the parent level often...


    Anyway, it made my year and Happy Holidays to all!

  11. He should register at the Veterans Administration (if USA) - you can go with him there if he would like.

    Call 1-800-273-Talk (8255)

    They can even pick you up if needed. There are usually VA reps in every town.

    I suggest that he does this asap.

    This is not a joke or something that should be taken lightly.

    He can be around others that understand him and will make him feel more comfortable.

    PM me for more information if needed.

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