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  1. Download XBMC Then add (an installer: Fusion and Xunity) Then add: iSTREAMS, Mashup, USTVNOW then get rid of cable, like we did LOL!
  2. I am bummed. The only curry dish I like is Singapore Mei Fun. It seems to me (only me) that all of the Indian dishes taste the same with curry which burned me out.
  3. Seems that since I married my cousin, the subject frequency of cousin marriage\sex taboo is either more noticeable by me or is being used more frequently to add shock value (sensationalize) for the media. Two (2) latest movies (big movies) mention cousin relationships. We watched the wolf of Wall Street last night. Early in the 3 hour movie the Wolf and his soon to be partner in crime VP talk about his cousin relationship - Noted here in this recent TIME article that pissed me off. Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jordan (the Wolf) makes fun of cousin marriages and the resultant babies f
  4. Well, I saw the movie last night with my wife\cousin... She was really looking forward to it because of the family dynamics. ****SPOILER ALERT**** < LINK to MOVIE> In the early part of the movie, there seemed to be something going on with a 1st cousin couple. This is confirmed a few minutes later when 3 sisters talk about their relationships and one confesses. The sad and pathetic part was that the sister who was dating her cousin was warned about potential genetic issues says "it doesn't matter because I had a Hysterectomy". She could have said "it doesn't matter
  5. Well put... A 6' drop can kill an adult male... I fell from a roof once and broke both of my ankles...I now "fear" height!!!
  6. Do you own: http://stage.com/ ???
  7. WOW- Saved to favorites. I could have used this back when I was buildin'...
  8. Wow - that is sick. No hints from Chrome "Inspect Element"? (or firefly)
  9. Wonder why they move on? I have been on over a year I believe... Seems like something needs to be done to keep interest. I see that many are all amped up when they first sign on and want people in the same situation or with more experience to talk to...then it dies down. Seems like continuing on with other of the same feather is easier and more fun than those that don't approve although many seem to approve over time. Maybe they get over the initial hump and realize cousin couples aren't any different than other couples except for the strong attraction and bond...
  10. too bad. I'll have to look up her posts.
  11. I like John Stossel and watch his show on Fox News regularly. I don't know how I missed that video. The Wagners WERE (past tense) on here? That is the secong WERE members I have read on here today. Where did they go?
  12. Interesting and supportive read... This story was originally broadcast on "20/20" Aug. 6, 2004. Delete if already posted...
  13. I was rasied Roman Catholic. In Germany, I was to receive my first holy communion at the age of 8. I refused to go and have been an agnostic ever since. I am just a molecule on the clipboard of life and have never understood war for religion. Our universe is much too large to believe that we are the only ones that exist. Man is so self centered that he created this belief of god in his form. I believe that the bible was created to improve society by making laws (morals, values and norms) and scaring the simple mind by what it doesn't know (our creator), by the most intelligent at the ti
  14. We are gonna watch it after the holidays (when the house isn't full)...Thanks
  15. Kissing Cousins inspired a Micro-Brew...
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