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  1. Book Review LINK Review excerpt "One such winter takes him to Florence and there he does the unthinkable ? meets his cousin Rachel for the first time, and marries her."
  2. If deemed inappropriate, feel free to remove, I thought it was funny.
  3. About a year ago, Netflix posted a bunch of fake stuff... Scroll down this page... Seems that it is a real Movie Wiki LINK
  4. HAHA! we say it all the time. Oddly, we are a small clan and the joke before we were married was that we could have a reunion in a phone booth. Now my wife and I joke about the joining of family vs. families HAHAHA!
  5. This has probably been posted before but... NYT : Shaking off the shame Washington Post: Pa cousins try to overcome the taboo of 'I do'. Oprah.com:Keeping Marriage in the family
  6. He's married, move on.Just Cuz!
  7. THe reviews on the web are mixed. Fox News regurgitated "Incest" why the Huffpost did not , just stating that it caused a stir...interesting http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/my-big-fat-gypsy-wedding/videos/kissing-and-marrying-cousins.htm Here is the UK version of the show with cousin talk...
  8. Wow... I not digging that at all... You need to get mental help.
  9. Adblock + also blocks your adsense ads on your own websites. When I was running sites it was annoying but nice when I was surfing the web and keeping FB less cluttered... Is there an option in adblock to permit flash ads on specific url's?
  10. Got any ideas for the logo? PM me or email me...
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