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  1. Plus you can add adsense to WP.org bu not WP.com- Dot.com will not allow css changes either. I had a paid .org WPMU multisite but now have a simple.com one.
  2. The rack of lamb sounds awesome...Great with rosemary
  3. Fried Pickles rock. So do Fried Olives! I see the pickles on occassion - I dig 'em with bleu cheese and salt \ pepper (all spice is even better!) Now I am hungry...
  4. gotitGOOD!

    I Love Food

    I enjoy food so much I prefer to prepare it myself vs going out to eat...I have a little food blog as well...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. I have a portion of my blog that I have been adding recipes to. I'm an outdoorsman \ hunter interested in sustainability. I have been fiddling with bacon grease candles and have traveled all over which has really expanded my palate. Since I am into all kinds of stuff it isn't always easy to find the things I love to eat most and after traveling, I got tired of restaurants, I prefer to cook my stuff myself with my own tastes in mind. I want to get into sous vide soon...mmmm.... I have cooked with torches, grills, big deep fryers, with chemicals etc... I don't think you can completely appr
  6. 1. Your last name stays put. Not if you marry your cousin! HAH LOL!
  7. I'm gonna look for it on xbmc - do you remember the episode title? If I can find a link I'll post it... HULU LINK--->http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/my-big-fat-american-gypsy-wedding/videos/our-family-believes-in-incest.htm
  8. I spent a Month in Italy about 5 or 6 years ago. Cinque Terre, Venice, Vittoro, Austria, Milan and points in between. I would love to live there. I'm Irish but something draws me to Italy. I love the Mediterranean diet and everything else about Italy except for the Military Police (that I didn't see often)...Awesome place it is... sadly I live in the US (I am a patriot) but prefer the European way of life
  9. LINKto Website Oh Boy... YouTube Video http://youtu.be/PJRUwdXFos8 Bill Cunningham is an ass
  10. Wiki Westermarck Effect <----LINK My Wife (Cousin) and I met once when I was 10 yrs old (and I couldn't stop looking at her...) We met again 20 years later but were in relationships. We emailed briefly until her ex husband cut it off although It was innocent, we never expressed ANY feelings about each other. 10 years later (about 6 months ago) we met again. She invited me to visit a family reunion\party sorta thing and the rest is history. We were both of military families that traveled everywhere and did not live within short proximity of each other. I have other female cousins t
  11. I found the survey and completed the applicable parts. The data generated is interesting.
  12. I totally believe in GSA and the Westermark effect.
  13. I started with blogger and went to wp.
  14. This will be interesting to follow. I would like to know how you feel the very first time you lay your eyes on her in person for the first time. I think Id be nervous...enough to jump outta my skin! I can tell you that I and my now wife, were so nervous around each other (in a good way) that the strange energy kept us from being able to even eat! This is better than a movie!
  15. <---- Is Agnostic (Although my better half 1st cuz Wife is a Christian Not at all- I'm on your side!
  16. Holy cow...I watched Jude last night. Very well written but god awfully depressing. What a shocker. I'm not gonna blow it for you but when things start looking up down comes a sledgehammer...
  17. THe first time I saw her I was blown away but not old enough to understand why (I was 10) 20 years later we met again and although I would've never told her, everyone around us sensed it and did everything they could to keep us apart. THe funny thing is that we had never once spoke about our attraction. We knew that it would disrupt the family. A decade later we spent a week together. I almost didn't go because of all of the other fires I was putting out. A relative from the other side of the family talked me into it by telling me that I needed the time away...she was so right. THe firs
  18. If breaking up is only a tiny fraction of the opposite, id be completely devistated. That scares the shit outta me.
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