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  1. Dittykins

    Eagle Cam

    Oh no! Sibling rivalry! I'm scared to watch now :shocked: but that is super neat.
  2. You could also listen to the book. You can find free audio recordings of it on librivox (kinda like Project Gutenberg, in that it's all public domain books, just volunteers read them. I believe they're in mp3 format) I did that a few years ago, along with other novels, to listen to while at work :grin: Pretty sure I actually read Mansfield Park the first time through though, as opposed to listening to it or watching a film adaption of it :smiley: . In my senior year of high school my english teacher spotted me reading it and said I could use it to write my research paper on :grin:
  3. I was always wondering if there were any other Mormon cousin couples out there. :smiley: Was wondering for months whether it was ok to marry, I figured it was so, due to the church's policy on incest being such between people so closely related that by law they couldn't marry, but we weren't really for sure till he asked his bishop, who after much research and I think his bishop asked the stake president maybe... and anyhow came to say the same. However, though we figured all that out on our own, it is nice to see others :grin:
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