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  1. Hi 143. Welcome sa CC To respond, Why!??? Bakit mo kelangan pa siyang icheck? Tapos na to ate ehhh! Wala ng dapat pang pagusapan.. this step is definitelt not good for you --- yung tipong "kakamustahin mo ang ex mo" (whether cousin relationship or not). Bat ka kakausap ng ex? Eh ex na nga eh! We can never be friends with our ex. No no no... no way. Hindi mo siya mahal. Sabi mo lang yan. Ang totoo niyan, pagkatapos mong kumustahin, medyo bumalik lang yung ilang isyu...mga matatandang issue.. wala kayong pagmamahalan, ang meron kayo eh "kasaysayan"...history lang ang meron kayo and thats about it! Kuha mo? Tapos na kasi yung episode mo sa kanya eh. Aba oh eh kung hindi pa pala siya nahuli edi magtututuloy-tuloy kayo sa kalokohan niyo? Ate wag mong gawin sa sarili mo yan. You have to move on from this guy. Tapos na tong cousin mong to e... naniniwala akong alam mo rin naman na tama itong sinasabi ko. Tama? Blessing in disguise to. Buti kamo iniwan ka ulit! It will put you actually sa matuwid na landas. Mas mayos ang buhay mo ngayon maniwala ka. Yes masakit, pero at least mas matuwid naman! Pooch
  2. Salamay kuya Jimmy.. keep us posted po pag may oras kayo. Pooch
  3. Grabe, nakakatuwa po ang istorya niyo. Pwede po bang sabihin niyo rin sa amin kung anu-anong mga challenges ang nakaharap ninyo mula nung huli kayong nagpost? Ano pong nangyari mula nung 5 years? Musta naman po yung side ng pamilya ni cousin-wife niyo? Aba kung may family picture pa nga po sana kayo, pwede ko pong isubmit ito sa moderator.. i will put it sa success stories na cousin couples, if you dont mind po ang konting publicity? Hahaha Pooch
  4. Hi Nanner, Oh my. I do have lots of questions for you! haha. How long have you had this thing with your cousin? When did it start? Also, don't worry about your parents for now. It is alright to enter into a secret relationship with him...for now. I like this, His family is fine with us and are happy we are together and they want to see us happy. I do plan to marry him..." This is critical since now I know where you are coming from. Can I also ask whether he is your first love? Or.. have you had other guys before him? What about him? Tell us more about him.. I hope you come update us more often! Pooch
  5. But this is not what the threadstarter is asking, right? He asked, I definitely don't think he is interested with her in that way. Both are adults already and can make their own decision -- be it straight or crooked/perverted. If follows what you said to refrain from engaging from those activities, then in addition to not giving the response from his queries, don't you think you will stifle his desire for his cousin? They are already having a good time, flirting with one another and enjoying each other's company. They obviously like each other but our threadstarter, for some reason, wants to go to the next level, eh? She definitely knows what she is doing and is appreciative of the admiration that Spider-Tomm is giving. Anyways, just a thought... My quick response actually is this So sir, have you touched her hand? ;D Pooch
  6. I think you should try to be pretty whenever he's around. And make your texts sexy too, not just through memes then see if how he responds. If he pushes forward, then he got something; otherwise, I think he sees you as a childish brat (lol). If you buy a new dress, you might show that shirt with a selfie. haha So he's into guns, huh? That's awesome. If you will get a time together, I think you will be able to tell him what you feel. You see, he's your cousin too..an older on in fact. Hence, for you guys to be together and for you to trust him is definitely OK. I think he is a good guy (he has a daughter after all!). And so whether he wants to get it on with you or not, either way, I think you are safe with him. Oh, and didn't I mention that he likes guns? So of course you are safe.. if you know what I mean. Don't try not to think about him. Just be casual in your thinking with him and accept the fact that he is your crush. Period. Of course, it does not mean that you don't stop seeing other guys, right? That's not the point. The point is that, what you are feeling about your cousin is normal (and it is OK to fantasize about him and even think rated-18 thoughts about him) and if situation permits that you know, the texts becomes more steamy, then why the heck not grab it? I do believe that the relationship will still be the same. Both of you are adults, but is definitely allowed to have your share of fun....and of course, sexy times. haha The matter of rejection is not too critical for now. It may be the case that he feels that too, you know? So perhaps we can talk about it in this thread: What constitutes rejection for you? I mean like... what sort of thing are you planning that if he says "No", is a "hurtful rejection"? I mean, if you offer me a gum and I say "No thanks", that is a rejection but not a hurtful one, right? lol. Or in this context, if you ask me, "Hey Pooch, can you give me a ride to go to Walmart?" then I told you, "Im sorry. I can't. No". Sure it is a rejection and sure you probably be like, "Oh.." But it is NOT as hurtful, yeah? You can take Uber definitely and you will understand why I respond that way (whatever my reason is). So same thing, what is it that you are planning to ask him wherein it will constitute a rejection that although it might sting a little bit, you will say that it doesn't actually hurt? Compare the two questions in which he will say "No thanks". A. "Hey couz. You look so hot with that new haircut and rifle. I will be brutally honest with you. I want to have s_x with you, like right now, yes?" versus B. "Hey cous. Nice haircut and rifle! What do you think about friends with benefits? B1. "Coz you know what, I think you can be a good one." I bet you can do a lot of things, girl! This is perfect! You are definitely on the right track.. You must know what he likes sexually, you know.. I suggest don't bring up that you are interested with him sexually yet.. Try to hold on to it for a month more. But you have to be consistent. You know? In addition to sexual stuff, try to add the real you as well...What your everyday is like, what you eat, what you are doing, what you are feeling, what you think about the weather, etc.. lol. But here's the important part during this time: do not text him about your problems. Do not ask him about his problems. You must be a problem-free, issue-free girl. If you bring problems through text, you cease to be a cool chick and the guy's interest will plummet down fast. If you are sexual, then be consistent like that from time to time... But at the same time, add the real you as well. Shield him from any problems that you have (in real life I assume) because he is a fun guy. At the same time, you will have fun with him while exchanging memes. Know what I'm saying? We will sort those things out later... Don't be in a hurry about this thing, then be casual, but at the same time, feel free to express your sexuality with him. Hope it helps! Pooch
  7. Uy! Long time no see! Kamusta po Kuya Jimmy! Kwento naman po! Kayo ang dahilan kung bakit nabuo ang thread na ito eh... 26 pages.. hahaha Ano pong balita sa atin? Pooch
  8. Err.. she is busy and has a life? 😅 You wont get the girl this way, my friend. Coz I bet the next place your hands will go is inside her pants. Put some breaks on it, my friend. Lol. "Serious love", right? Isn't it you said, Now to some responses, Oh myyy.. dont do this! You dont need to be desperate --- i mean, after all, you got your hands already inside her shirt, it means that she trusts you. From this point, keep it slow with her. Focus on your life and let her respond on her own pace, on her own time. It is better that way. 😉 Pooch
  9. pooch


    Hmm.. Why are they going to be mean? Just because you guys are cousins? Possible...but sounds incredulous at the same time. Usually, it's a character issue. Either they are jerks or you got some character flaws -- it almost never about your relationship, right? Anyways, the taboo will always going to be there. How long have you guys been a couple, though? Pooch
  10. pooch

    dating website

    That's true. But long term relationship like... 3 months max? I think thats fair, eh? But I think that if I am the girl, I would rather meet the guy at a bar rather than on a dating site, isn't it? 🤔 At least at the bar, there's the 'sparks' right away and yeah the possible chemistry.. 😅 Pooch
  11. This should be your next milestone man. You have to be comfortable with her family and vice versa. Actually, the more you talk to her brother, the closet you get to the girl. Think about it. So you gotta befriend your cousin man. Like, keep in touch with him and stuff. It will give you TONS of edge when you are in good terms with her brother... I mean, after all, she loves her brother right? He is important to her. Hence if that person is important to you as well, this relationship will do you wonders. I tell ya . I will respond to others afterwards. Pooch
  12. Are you the guy or the girl? From the order of your post, you are the girl, yeah? At any rate, the reason why I ask is because Let's pretend the stars aligned differently and you know the future and that both families will accept you...or make it no big deal. (again, let's pretend). My question would be: will your answer change? Like... it sounds to me that your desire (or lack thereof) for marriage is contingent to the families reaction, am I right? Since I want to isolate marriage itself, that's why I asked. Now, you plan of moving in together -- to be honest, it is almost like marriage in the practical sense. I mean, you will be living with him man.. Sooo..it's really not the marriage issue. If you would commit to life-long secrecy, then you cannot be moving in together, am I right? Or.. perhaps you can enlighten us on your plans. Again, thanks for the thread coz I can relate to this. Thanks for opening this. Pooch
  13. pooch


    There are lots of things you are not telling. There are definitely a reason as to why she does not to be with you anymore. You said, "one of her reasoning...". Can you tell me other reasons that she give you? Pooch
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