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  1. Ay ang galing naman..proud mom si ate.. hehe😄 Ilang taon na sila ate? Si hubby mo ate, mas open in public na po ba sa sitasyon ninyo? Pooch
  2. Uy! Eto, okay naman.. going steady. Hehe. Ikaw? Pooch
  3. Lumaban ba siya? Pooch
  4. pooch

    Early stages of a possible relationship

    Who are the important people that you feel you should know or you care that they know? Of course, first thing is her parents...but other than that, are there any others? I wish you the all the best. Pooch
  5. Yep. But then what do you think they should do? Know what I mean? Act not normal? They have their own lives too and issues and stuff. Or do you want them to just shut up basically and just leave you alone? What would you rather have them do? It goes both ways. The point is that either which, relationships are strained and it is difficult for huge lacerations to be cured by mere band-aids. lol. I suggest to get outta a toxic environment and start fresh somewhere else. The world is small nowadays and it is not like the past wherein you are born, raised, live, retire and die on the same place. Of course it is not easy to move as there are lots of considerations. But you gotta do that as a goal that within 9-12 months, you are outta there. Know what I mean? Pooch
  6. Yes you should... and that's what I will do if I were you. Otherwise, it will be difficult for my end to move on and have a fresh start. Reset button comes from the new environment around you. Pooch
  7. pooch

    Need some advice

    Geez.. You tell me, man.. Way too strong indeed. Cousin attraction can hook you, make you do things you wouldn't do, make you go to places you wouldn't go and even make you say things you wouldn't say... Makes you fight for things you wouldn't normally fight for. Even makes you spend on things you wouldn't normally spend on. So crazy. All of that at the risk of being brokenhearted, failure, tears and heartache. lol. It is a euphoria and a rollercoaster blend into one. But as Alfred Lord Tennyson's line said, Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all, right? Soooo.. Yep. Cheers. Pooch
  8. pooch

    Need some advice

    In my experience, nope! Getting over a cousin love is next to impossible. lol. Hope everything is okay on your end, Pooch
  9. pooch

    Catholic marriage

    Wow! This is tremendously good news! I am happy for you.
  10. Well....Fair enough. I said my piece bro. I cannot add anything more. Early this year, I read in the news that there was a 15-year old boy who fell from Man Wah Building in Hongkong. The dude survived a 19-story fall. Crazy, eh? Now guess what, even though he survived, I bet $1,000,000 that if I ask you to jump from 19-story building given that this kid survived the fall, you will say to me, "Pooch get the hell outta here".. ? Now here's my point: If you want to risk your heart, your affection, your tears, your money, your time, your effort, your masculinity, your love, your ego, and your pride to this 0.01% chance, it's all on you bro... It's all on you. Not on the girl. Not on me, Pooch. Not on God. Not on any prophet. Not on anybody... It's gonna be all on you. You will come back to this thread and I will tell you after you are back here licking your wounds, "I told you so".... Pooch
  11. Oh my oh my.. You are in trouble bro.. Prepare for a heartache. So here's how I see it bro: You are in LDR, with a girlfriend of less than 5 years, she being in her early 30s looking for a man, about 10 years age gap, you haven't have your life together (yet), her being your cousin, and family disapproves potentially. You have been together for two years. I suggest you should stop this relationship bro. Do you see yourself marrying this girl? Maybe you do...but she doesn't. She does not love you bro. Dang, I really hate saying to a guy that the girl she loves does not love him coz that hurts...it really hurts. I mean, if she loves you, she will say something like, "Do I have a future with you?" or "What about us?" or "How can I help (in investing) in this relationship?" or "I want to go back to Pakistan" or "I will arrange a visa for you to come here in US" or anything along those lines.... But what do I hear? Let's just be freaking friends.. What the freaking hell dude. Ouch. You see, when you said this, Well... Maybe. But the jury is still out. I would even say that I only believe her 30%. The answer "she believes no one else can love her the way I do" is only true 30%. Mark that. The jury is still out. I mean, you say that she is early 30 right? Say a doctor or a lawyer approached her at work or something and introduced himself. A guy with a 6-figure income looking like Fawad Khan or Imran Abbas or any combination of those. Dude, you got no chance. None. By the way, what does your friends say? She will definitely reconsider things even though she won't admit it. She will say that she loves you (of course this is true because she does not hate you but it does not mean she still likes you like 2 years ago when you guys both hit it off you know...?) but at the back of her mind, she wants to get rid of you bro.. Ouch. Well, probably not "get rid off" because that's way to harsh.. Just you know, she would want that you don't love her anymore and chase her and be all of that and stuff. I bet that if she founds out that you are seeing other girls, or cheated or whatnot, she will even be happier (to some extent). She may hate you for 1 week but be happy for the rest of her life coz now "she is free"...You know what I'm saying? Now you said, No no no no no...... Not the way it works. There's a guy equal or greater than you bro. Your job is "put a fence around her". lol. So that there are no "bad guys" that will make moves to her. She is in her 30s and there are lots of guys circling around her like vultures. Now I may be extreme in saying this but about 2 years ago, I wouldn't even be surprised if her inbox is full from text messages from guys who want to have a date with her. It just so happened that you are the "nice guy", who lives from a different planet never to see what she is doing, and so she has you as her back up boyfriend...and there you are, giving your heart and affection to this woman who may or may not love you. I mean, everything is going in this direction. You guys are in a fight and being in LDR these fights can blow up exponentially. You know what I am saying? I have been to in one with my cousin in the period of our relationship so trust me, I know. But when your cousin-gf says this, This is game over for her bro. It just so happened that she does not hate you that's why she is not breaking up with you....yet. But it's only a matter of time. Either she will give in to some temptation and cheat on you (if she hasn't been cheating on you already) or that she will grow tired of this situation and dump you on the side. What I suggest is be a man and confront her through skype or videocam, talk for 2 hours, cry together, and end it once and for all. "Pull the plug" on this comatose relationship man...At least when you do it this way, it will be mutual...there will be no feeling of who dump who or who hurt who. You cannot change the feeling of the girl bro. Now that's my real answer. Now of course I assume a lot of things above and I believe that you know her more than I do... but come on man.. you have to admit,, that there's some truth on my post at the very least. Pooch
  12. Yes! Exactly. I love it! Jordan, I like to ask: If she does not want to get married, then why are you too concerned about it? I asked it because I translate what she said to I don't want to get married now. She admits that you have done nothing to her but love her. You have been good to her; hence, she got no reason in breaking up with you. You know what you should do? Ignore this thing with her. Just love her and do what you are doing. You don't need to convince your girlfriend, man... She's gonna be fine. lol And besides, I feel like you aren't ready to be married anyways -- even though you said that both of you guys are adults. I take that you guys are at most in your early 20s, am I right? So I mean, what's the rush!? Anyhow, good thing that you explained yourself in your post because everytime I see this My immediate theory is that she is seeing somebody else! And that she kinda want to have a safe landing before jumping ships... But having said that, and I felt that I don't think there's any third party involved here, can you confirm nonetheless that there aren't any? You see, for cousin relationships, one of the toughest of it is its normality. If your girlfriend finds that seeing other guys are more acceptable in her family and whatnot, and the other guy is equally or greater than you are, then you are in a host of trouble. I don't sense this in your post, though... but it will be good if you can confirm. TY. Pooch
  13. pooch

    What degree of cousin?

    KC, The living situation of man is pretty much different unlike today. For example, in the tribal system, people will mate the people of their own tribe. There is not much communication overseas nor travel. You are born, be raised, work, retire then die pretty much on the same vicinity. And this is parallel to childhood best friends. The neighbor whom you played hopscotch with before on the afternoons may not be your relative, distant or otherwise, not your first cousin or whatever, but because you live closeby, have sleepovers and whatnot, this childhood neighbor is part of your tribe. Seeing her everyday, you will sense some repulsion to her romantically and it will take an amount of "force" or "logic" to feel attracted to this person. It is totally different when say you go to a place and saw a girl of a different tribe....there's no force needed, immediately there's the attraction... a "love at first sight" of some sort. lol And so I think that you are right.. That is the exact same mechanism that we found a woman to be 'hot'. Of course, it is not scientifically proven and for sociology, it might just be a theory. However, if empirical stuff backs us up, then it is what it is... *shrugs* lol Pooch
  14. pooch

    What degree of cousin?

    Yep. Indeed. That's why we are not attracted to our siblings for example, or to anybody whom we grew up together...Most of the time, even childhood best friends have that sort of repulsion. I am not sure how the evolutionary model fits in this but from the point of view sociologically, it may be the case that the familiarity with the person eschews the romantic idea. Now is it the case that childhood best friends doesn't end up together? Of course that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that the attraction is more "forced" and "logical" compared to a lady that you see the first time and you find her hot. Am I on the right track, bro? Pooch
  15. pooch

    Introduction/My story

    You are blessed that your mothers are not just in good terms but are actually close. You know, some problems regarding cousin relationships is that the parents that are siblings are enemies or don't talk to each other or some bad history happen. That kind of dynamic puts additional pressure on the cousin relationship you have because you don't want to offend your uncle/aunt (and in-law at the same time). I dunno, but in my culture, close-family ties are really a huge part of it and so when some of those relationship are strained, it puts heavy burden on the son/daughter's relationship with his/her cousin. Know what I'm saying? In my case, it is my mom and my cousin's dad who are siblings. Their relationship is not close like you but they are in good terms. I would have that neutrality and keep the balance. Pooch