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  1. This will be my concern though.. What will it look like for them though? Can they open threads? What will be the difference if ever? Pooch
  2. The $15 is the annual fee to keep CC the way it is right? (Or maybe better) Pooch
  3. Whats the difference between the associate, associate+ and collaborator? Pooch
  4. Cool. How they treat you is a foreshadowing if your would-be life with them. And if she herself is not supportive of you and your life with her, then the hell with it man! You gotta move on. Thanks as well for listening to us. Move on and never look back. 😊 Pooch PS. Oh! And I meaan.. it's not like she's a Jessica Alba or something, eh? Know what Im sayin'? Hahahaha
  5. Welcome to the forum Jazz, I got nothing to say, man.. You are old enough for this crap. All I can say though, as a fellow guy, is, "Daaaang man.. You are in huuge trouble!" LOL Why do I say that? Because you are "hit by it". You are in trouble man. You got this thing going.. You walk and walk in circles around the well and you already fell. There's only a way out of here and that is to cut off all communication. If you go deep into this, I hope that you get out unscathed. But seriously bro, short-term effect of this "emotional fling" might be awesome... But it will eat you inside...and then from the inside, it will breed in corruption on your faithfulness and behavior and it will just spiral things out of control man.... give or take 6 months especially if she is has her own issues as well. Soooo I dunno man.. You are probably older than me. I am 34. But I would not want to be in your situation dude. I will fix what I have with my wife rather than run to escape reality with my cousin... You got a daughter man... oh well.... But I kinda sympathize with what you're going through.... Hope for the best on your end man.. really. Pooch
  6. Hi there. Welcome to the forum Your info are absolutely correct. The Bible does not prohibit cousin marriages. As a matter of fact, it even encourages it! You know the story of Joshua and Caleb? Well, I particularly liked Caleb. Because he let his nephew marry his daughter. A little not-so-famous example comes to mind. Jdg 1:12-13 CEV (12) Caleb told his troops, "The man who captures Kiriath-Sepher can marry my daughter Achsah." (13) Caleb's nephew Othniel captured Kiriath-Sepher, so Caleb let him marry Achsah. Othniel was the son of Caleb's younger brother Kenaz. But then there are countless of examples! From Jacob's situation and Laban and Rachel (my favorite!) and even in the New Testament. The Bible is rich with these facts. However, it is not really the Bible that is in question,.. you see. In my experience, I have been raised in a Christian country (Philippines). It is 85% catholic. Yet the family code of the Philippines prohibit first cousin marriages. And the misinformation abounds to the point of despair... Well.. What I can say to you, my friend, is that it is not religion that is the problem.. The problem is cultural. Your hunch is correct. I believe that it is her family that kinda put a wall between the two of you. And believe me, that is a super high wall to cross... Now is she worth it?!? I tell you dude, that is the question of all questions. Is the trouble, heartaches, difficulties, family baggages and even clan-judgment worth it for this girl?? Only you can say that. It is on you because you are the guy. Haha! Dude, now hear this statement: I tell you that EVEN IF POPE FRANCIS declares that cousin marriages are okay, believe me that they are still going to be against the (possible) relationship of you two. How does that sound, my friend?? (Super ouch, right?) Now again I ask you, IS THAT GIRL WORTH IT? And I am telling you even assuming that she is already "a ten" (which probably she isn't by an objective spectator), a "Miss California sexy super model" beauty and a summa cumlaude brains with the faithfulness of Madam Theresa. lol. (Real talk!). (But of course, she is a ten in your eyes I know that.. Both of us are guys, so I know what you are feelin.. ) But my point is this: Take your time to think... Give it 1 month.. 3 months.. sleep over it.. sleep over that question many times.. Give it 6 months.. Heck, make it even a year.. You may want to consider bailing your heart out NOW rather than you go deep into this mess...especially if you are planning to have long term relationship with her.. You don't want to hurt yourself nor her nor her family nor your family.. Know what I am saying?? That's my 100% brutal honesty two-cents. Pooch
  7. Before telling you what to do, lemme just say that I am sooo impressed with how articulate you are in expressing yourself here. Lol. Are you sure you are 15!? Lol. 15 year olds these days, not sounding super stereotypical okay, but they type "text-speak" and they talk "slang". Your post, however, is.... well.. lets just say, it's the one expected at your age. Now on to the point: 1. You don't have to do anything. Lol. Just reject him whenever he makes his advances and/or use the LJBF card ("let's just be friends"). Guys job is to approach you or not...while girls job is to accept or reject. So keep doing what you are doing. 👍
  8. When I asked how long have you been boyfriend with him, I meant that in the classical sense, namely, how long have you been in a romantic relationship with him wherein he courted you and you said yes and you guys are together, getting to know one another and eye-ing on a purpose for engagement? That's what I mean. But of course, it may not be that --- so kindly tell us what your set up is with your cousin. He's sexual with you for how long now? What I can suggest for now is that you have to clear things up with him. Before talking to him though, make sure yoi guys are calm and level-headed. Know what Im saying'? Pooch
  9. Oh okay... I just thought that you are below 20. My bad, and I just thought I should ask. But anyways, it really doesn't matter. We are about the same age, so yeah.. I'm cool. Anyways, don't give up on your cousin. Both of you are just confused at this point. See if you can get your facts straight first before saying anything to him. Honesty is the best policy. Make sure that he knows EVERYTHING. Do not hide anything from him because it will only make your situation worse. By the way, how long have you been boyfriend with your cousin? Is it more than a year or less than a year? Pooch
  10. Oops! My bad, ma'm! I usually just looked at the new posts and comment away if I am interested. I saw Serendipity's response and I was like, "Oh.. alright.." hahaha.. I didn't even check that the thread was a year old. Pooch
  11. Hello, Just curious, you are not yet 20, right? Anyways, I think best thing for you right now is to take care of the baby first....make sure that the baby is healthy and in good condition. Pursuing the father should come in later after your baby is born... I am a little curious. When did you know you were pregnant? And when was the sex with the other guy happened? I just want to check. Thanks. Pooch
  12. Question: If she is not your cousin, will your feeling towards her be the same? Just curious. Because I think that you have crushes on other girl too, right? So here's my advice bro. Listen to me. I advice you to hands off this cousin and instead refocus this on one of your cute classmates in class. And yes, I can help you with that... But in terms of your cousin here? It is just impossible to have her, bro. After all, your cousin doesn't even like you. Lol. So you know, that's not cool. You just think she does but actually, she doesn't! And you know that. What you want are girls that you can have not only the sex but also the company...perhaps even help in your homework at school or something....and those are your classmates man.. So forget this cousin bro. She's not worth it. Go for the cool ones in your class... they are more popular anyways, right!? Pooch
  13. I was 18 and she was 16. Our houses were adjacent to each other and she came to our house. It was a time when school cancelled classes due to a holiday. Only the two of us in the room and we were just hanging out...listening to the radio....and singing along the songs. We were also talking about life, plans and other concerns. Teen-age stuff, pretty much. Then she made a comment, a quite sad comment, that I won't forget. I was so moved that I just have to kiss her because I want to make her feel safe, alright and that everything's gonna be okay. Sparks explode for sure and we both know we are more than cousins after that kiss. Pooch
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