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  1. pooch

    Complicated 2 cousin question

    LadyC, Correct me if I am wrong okay but this the MagnaCarta of cousin marriage eh? ๐Ÿ˜… Pooch
  2. pooch

    Complicated 2 cousin question

    Take a chill pill indeed! Why too hot? Then you conclude right away that you are being censored. Geez man, you are very funny. Is it not possible that you got that link so that the forum wont get spammed or somethingbbn or other reason? Its really because the admin of this forum want you censored right? You gotta be careful man.. i bet you dont talk like that in your everyday conversation. Coz id you do, I dont know man... lol Pooch
  3. pooch

    Sexually attracted

    Then I guess we have nothing to talk about here, my friend... Pooch
  4. pooch

    Sexually attracted

    1. Do you have a girlfriend? 2. Does she have a boyfriend? 3. Forget about good or bad for the moment. How do you know that you being her crush ended? I doubt that you know that..! Pooch
  5. pooch

    Spilled the beans

    Is there any reason for reconnection during the past month? Like what happened? Pooch
  6. pooch

    Spilled the beans

    Hi Raging, May I know what timeframe are we looking at here? You guys are talking to one another every evening for how long now? Pooch
  7. pooch

    I have a crush on my older cousin, pls help!

    1. Do you know her number? If not, search for her on facebook and ask. I dont think its a big issue. I will reply to points 2-5 afterwards. Pooch
  8. pooch

    I need some advice...

    How do you know if she does not like guys in her class? Pooch
  9. I second the motion! ๐Ÿ‘ Pooch
  10. pooch

    malayong kamag anak na daw kami

    Try mong isagot ate ganito: "Sino mama't papa mo?" "Ay si ganito ganyan po. "E si hubby?" "Ay si ganito ganyan po. "So diba medyo malapit kayong magkamaganak?" "Di man! Malayo na rin po sabi nung judge." (Sabay change topic) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Usually naguusisero lang naman ang tao dahil walang maitanong.gusto lang na kausapin ka.. pero as soon as nasagot mo siya na "as if wala lang" magiging kumportable ka rin at wala lang din naman yun sa kausap mo.. eventually it will get better... yung pagkakaparehas ng apilyedo, di masyadong malakas ang stigma lalo na pag di mo naman na kelangang gamitin.. hope my comment helped. ๐Ÿ˜Š Pooch
  11. pooch

    malayong kamag anak na daw kami

    Yup! Pwedeng pwede po. ang bawal po sa pinas ay 1st cousin...kasi 4th consangyinity po siya as per family code of the phils.
  12. pooch


    Active na active pa rin syempre! ๐Ÿ˜Š Pooch
  13. pooch

    Moderators needed

    I know right? We just have a looong thread. Haha Sometimes it gets people out of place. But more often, Filipinos flock together for a particular cause... so we are always on topic. Hehe. If things get political, I always advise to create another thread -- the more threads, the better...as it is easier to follow. ๐Ÿ˜… With regards to the language file, darn KC, it would be a privelege! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š Pooch
  14. pooch

    Moderators needed

    Hoorah! I want to volunteer to take care of the Filipino thread....Or the power is wider? hehe. I guess it depends on the traffic of the subforum, eh? Back in college, I have been a moderator already on a message board --- so I kinda know what it is like. hehehe. We are gonna be the janitors of the forum. ^__^ haha Pooch