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  1. Taking A Break: Our Story (Rant+Advice Needed)

    Oh I bet! I have experienced that too! Hmm.. Just curious. So she is not your first girlfriend, eh? I know it's the past already but I am just wanna ask... Good. Yep. Don't worry man... You got this. I really love your posts man.. You know what, sometimes it does not matter what you focus on.. But make sure that what you get into is what you really want to do. Also, if she is getting into the languages and stuff, what about getting into what she is interested in? Have you heard of being a speech therapist? I'm not sure if you want that though... But try to see what she likes and check with yourself whether you like it as well... It's not gonna be that bad, eh? Yup. Continue doing that... I believe she will appreciate it. Nope not yet... Still on the works my friend.. But getting there.. We just had to do some other things and priorities so we have to put it off but pretty much we both know that we are together til the end. Sooooo yep. Pooch
  2. Taking A Break: Our Story (Rant+Advice Needed)

    Hi there WBT9802 Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I have read your post and honestly, this is the kind of posts I love to read... I was 18 and she was 15 when I fell in love. I have the same feeling with you in wanting to have physical touches with her (holding her hand and stuff) and at the same time resisting urges in me. She, on the other hand, is also curious about what's going on her body, in her environment, and all these feelings. You are a young couple like me and my cousin a decade or so ago... Oh, and we were caught too! We slept in the same room when I decided to sleep beside her and cuddle. Supposed to be I plan to that be just some brief time but I felt sooo comfortable and I fell asleep. And so in the morning, I was awoken by some words from the "adults" to put it mildly. Good times... Good times... Here's my response: I feel like you are a good guy. Really. You love her so much and she also feels the same. And believe me, you got her. You got her already. You got her heart. It's yours, she's yours, my brother. You. Got. The. Girl. And pretty much just take care of her and everything will go well for you in the long run. Believe me. I don't believe in the "dating game" in today's society where you "collect and select" and go from date to date and people just give their hearts to many people like cookies. That's horrible. In my experience, it is 100 times better (if not the only way) is actually to know one person deeply...as far as you can go...since you cannot know a person all too well. I am with my cousin girlfriend for more than a decade now and I am still knowing something about her every single day...and she as well is still knowing something about me every day. The "mine" so to speak is inexhaustible. That's the good news. I will give you some bad news though. Well, not really bad....but sort of given what we have here. She's yours but not yet yours. Sounds contradictory but it's a fact. You guys are on the early stage... in my 'mine' analogy above, still on the 'entrance' of the mine. And I really do hope that you guys be together in the end. You know what I'm saying? The length of your post is also an indication that you really love this person. Oh, and feels good after writing your lengthy story and clicking that "post", eh? On to my advice: Slow down a little my friend. Yes, slow it down. When I read your post, I feel like you are ready to propose to her and give her an engagement ring already or something after a week! Know what I'm saying!? And I really believe that you do that -- coz you love her. And I bet she is incredibly beautiful...And you think that she deserves it. And yes, maybe she does -- but I do not know that. You know more than I do. Nonetheless, slow it down. If you are driving a car, I feel like you are in the fifth gear big time my friend... step away from the gas for a sec and cool it down. It's becoming way to hot. I remembered my situation with my cousin and everything also happened sooo freaking fast... But I was able to slow it down. Partly, the reason is that my family has to migrate to another country as well so that also helped. However, my point is both of you should slow it down. It is going way to fast. I am not saying go full stop, nor I even said step on the breaks....but "step away from the gas". Let her miss you...Let her miss you some more... Don't go pursuing her some more.. You got her already. She likes you. She is attracted to you.. And she have those feelings at 15 and I'm not sure if she loves you in a mature way at this time, but I do believe that she loves you. This love is real to her. But at the same time dude slow down a bit. Know what I'm saying? And because you are the man, you are the one who should control the steering wheel in your relationship. She does not know this coz she's just 15. But I believe that you know what you are doing ('...that would make my own parents in their 30 year marriage jealous' -- honestly this made me smile, chuckle, and cheerful) so you will take care of her and at the same time be able to provide for her. With that in mind, I suggest that you prepare yourself so you can provide for her. How is your studies? What are your long term plans with her? The separation anxiety you have must be fought. She will not run away -- believe me. She will not break up with you. You got her already. And I need to repeat this because it's gonna be good for the both of you. Oh and did I mention that I like that you are willing to wait!? Perfect. In the meantime, make sure that you go to a good school and a good job so you can 'snatch her' away from her parents (metaphorically). When my cousin and I had LDR, my last words with her when we were on the airport was "Make sure you study hard". I did not tell her to do anything else. Coz I know that I don't have to. I just want her to study hard because I will study hard. And I plan on us having a good future. And that I will have the respect from her parents. And that she will gain respect from my parents as well. And that we would be able to take care of our parents when they grow old. And that we will have a brighter future together, not being able to be "looked down upon" in whatever. And that they will see a cousin romance that blossommed out of love and not out of lust. And that I (we) will not fear about getting disowned by whoever...be it our family or our clan. And that we will not be talked down upon since we have a reputation and a standing in our social circle and the people around us. And that I would be able to transfer her from one place to another so I can marry her (we were from country where cousin marriage is illegal, looked down upon big time and even have the horrible social stigma). Know what I'm saying!? These are the things that is running on my head when I was 18... I can say some more but I think this post will suffice from now. I really really wish you all the best, my friend. So yeah, give time for yourselves to grow... She will not lose interest in you because you will be there for her. And hey, if that happens, we will cross the bridge when we reach it, aight? No biggie. We are man and we got this. Know what I'm sayin? Pooch
  3. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hi there YaF, I want to ask how was his relationship with his uncle (ie. your dad)? You see, I feel like he is in the same situation like me... Anyhow, is his relationship with him relatively okay or... what? And how about vice versa? What is the personality of your dad that makes you think that he might not accept his nephew (your bf) as your boyfriend? Does your bf respects your dad? You don't have to go to many details or examples -- I just want to get a general gist of your impression with the relationship between your dad and him. I want it from your dad's POV. For example, does he find your bf a responsible person...or a good person in general and so forth? How about you and his mom? Now he said that you are being irrational and he shut you up. I believe that you were hurt a little bit. But don't let that deter you from bringing up the subject matter again. Try to do it again next week and let us know how it goes. The earlier you figure this one out, the better it would be for you. You know what I'm saying? Press him if you must. Since he is your first bf, you have every right to know! Ask him, what the deal is... If you are more comfortable through text, then do it through text. If in person, then fine. But make sure that you trust him... That you guys are in this together if both of you want a long term relationship with each other. May I ask you as well if you are his first gf? Or does he have a past already? And as always, keep us updated... Pooch
  4. Okay lang yan brad.. kaya mo yan.. Babalik yan sa iyo. Pooch
  5. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    May I ask how regular is this? And by regular I mean everyday regular with 100 texts per day or 5-10 exchanges per day? I mean, the subject matter and the flirtations varies from time to time of course but does the flirtation escalates or is pretty standard and just as how you flirt with any other guy? The reason I ask is because if you keep up with this habit, you definitely will fall for him (if not you have already). But I still do think that you are 'still safe'...circling around the well...although only time will tell when you will fall on the hole.... Having said that though, perhaps it's better if you let him do his thing...Let him do the work.. For every 10 times he initiates the text, try to just initiate once. The experiment might show how much is he into you. You know what I'm saying? For all we know, he is also dating somebody or whatever so just chill and not go too fast. Let it still simmer for 8 more months until we see in a year what happens. In the meantime, try to busy yourself with your work and everything... ^__^ Oh, this is easy... Coz he is freaking Johnny Depp man! lol. Half-kidding. But seriously though, I think the reason is because you find him cute and vice versa. And pretty much it just flowed from there. You didn't mind that he had his older teenager around the time when you are on your current age. Then both personalities clicked and confirmed it. Sooo now ya got fireworks... The other cousins probably didn't even looked at you in that kind of way unlike him. Oh, and the fact that you guys are cousins sometimes immediately have that implication that you guys have already something in common -- hence to be friends with each other is easier... But regardless of the reason though, I do hope that he is a good guy...and I wish you happiness..with whatever you guys have right now. Pooch
  6. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    (Let me call him "Johnny Depp" if you don't mind, aight? ) Hi again Jolina, Johnny Depp is not courting you, is he? When he asked you "if you are okay with this", does it refer to what you guys are doing or does it refer to your situation in general (ie. you guys are living apart and would want to be together someday)? I mean, for the 4 months of reconnection, how do you feel he was really treating you? Do you feel like he treats you as his girlfriend and you treat him as your boyfriend? Like, of course you can only speak for yourself, but whenever you guys text thru social media, was there a "boyfriend-girlfriend flavor"? I think I know what this means: For usually, with other cousins and other relatives, you don't feel that attraction, you know? It is only with him that you felt like "Hmm..." and I would way that it is normal... family or not. I am not sure where but I read that the "aversion" to attraction more likely only comes to relatives who grew up together and so with 'family' whom you haven't had any connection at all (say 19 years in this case) is also like meeting a stranger. I am not sure how evolution kicks here but it's a reason why siblings are not attracted to one another (coz more likely they grew up together) and stuff like that... But in your experience of 19 years being apart, I think I can relate that you would treat him not as family. On his POV, however, the social convention of (cousin = family) is there so pretty much he asked you "if you're okay with this".... But take my comment with a grain of salt though. On to another comment, Hmm.. Then it means you don't miss him now. If that's the case, I would guard my heart against Johnny Depp. You haven't fallen yet soooo.... just watch yourself, know what I'm sayin? Pooch
  7. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Hi CM, I would like to comment on the redded part though...because I don't think it is. Is distance really negotiable? We are told that the chances of them living on the same state is slim to none. I don't think they want to be together though at least not in the short while. If she has a long-term bf and at the same time in the same place with her versus a cousin who is on a different state, only 4 months and stuff... The deck is stacked against him. However, she might have emotionally-cheated already. No judgments though, it is what it is....especially with the defensive comment of Just sayin that I think what Jolina wants is really a short-time fling, like what Romalee said, a FWB thing... At least that's my conclusion in the moment. And if it is, then we need to know her situation with the current (or ex?) boyfriend.... Still waiting. Pooch
  8. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Lol. Yes and no. Yes coz I want to test the forumers post first hand.. They would always want to put the situation on the best light as possible so I want to "flank my comment" sometimes.. But then at the same time, No because I will deal with it in a more serious tone later on. lol... (after more information surfaces, that is..) Sometimes, the outward can tell what's on the inside right away (of course faulty but it's worth it when tried. lol) For example, she said, I read it as something is going on between her long time bf during the past 4 months... And so suddenly there's a crush. Which ok fine, normal and all that...but then when she spoke about "our relationship could progress", now the fun is over because she really would want to go forward with this perhaps in a very strong manner... and yes, avoid talking about the long term current boyfriend... or maybe ex-boyfriend since she used the past tense was.. the plot thickens.. Yikes.. Now it's trouble. lol Pooch
  9. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Okay, let me comment in a more serious tone as I detect something here that is "more than a high school crush"... The redded part is what I am worried about.. It seems to me that the redded part is more than semi-serious...You want this relationship to progress...? Now this is now getting scary..and you may be going off the rails to an unwanted territory. 1. You don't have a relationship...at least yet. 2. Progress? Progress to what though? Err.... Maybe see-how-it goes-kinda progress is what you mean? Pooch
  10. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Oh I see.. Well, I just lumped them all into one. lol You know.. You can add "zodiac signs" here as well.. (I dunno...for some people for some reasons unknown, this is important to them...and soo... shrugs) Pooch
  11. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Yeeep! Hence, my suggestion is to...... **drumrolls** Tell us this, if you don't mind.....? Pooch
  12. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Of course there's none.... But don't be too serious my friend Romalee. lol! Howerver, our new forumer here seems like she's enjoying the high of his charm though... Let her ride the roller coaster. Remember when we were young and we first rode the roller coaster? We went "Weeeeeeeee!!!" Pooch We'll deal with the heartaches and the cryings later on. lol
  13. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Hah! Even better. If he is an 8, then hmmm.. Let me think about what should I comment to you on the next post. lol Pooch
  14. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Welcome to the forum, Hi there Soooo... - Guy 12 years older than you. - You are almost 30, marrying age. - Have a long time boyfriend - 4 months ago of off the chart chemistry - Almost slim to none possibility of being in a long term relationship. My first question is therefore, is he cute? Rate it from 0-10 and 10 being Channing Tatum. How handsome is he, my friend? Is he sweet and charming? Pooch
  15. Help! My cousin and I are in love.

    How about waiting for 2 more years? I know you love her.. i really do. But how about waiting a little bit more and see what happens? She won't you and I believe that you will never leave her so no rush.. 😊 You guys hit off a couple of years ago and so what about doubling that? Give her a memorable gift on your anniversary -- I am pretty sure she will appreciate it. 😊 Pooch