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  1. I second the motion! πŸ‘ Pooch
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    malayong kamag anak na daw kami

    Try mong isagot ate ganito: "Sino mama't papa mo?" "Ay si ganito ganyan po. "E si hubby?" "Ay si ganito ganyan po. "So diba medyo malapit kayong magkamaganak?" "Di man! Malayo na rin po sabi nung judge." (Sabay change topic) πŸ˜‰ Usually naguusisero lang naman ang tao dahil walang maitanong.gusto lang na kausapin ka.. pero as soon as nasagot mo siya na "as if wala lang" magiging kumportable ka rin at wala lang din naman yun sa kausap mo.. eventually it will get better... yung pagkakaparehas ng apilyedo, di masyadong malakas ang stigma lalo na pag di mo naman na kelangang gamitin.. hope my comment helped. 😊 Pooch
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    malayong kamag anak na daw kami

    Yup! Pwedeng pwede po. ang bawal po sa pinas ay 1st cousin...kasi 4th consangyinity po siya as per family code of the phils.
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    Active na active pa rin syempre! 😊 Pooch
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    Moderators needed

    I know right? We just have a looong thread. Haha Sometimes it gets people out of place. But more often, Filipinos flock together for a particular cause... so we are always on topic. Hehe. If things get political, I always advise to create another thread -- the more threads, the better...as it is easier to follow. πŸ˜… With regards to the language file, darn KC, it would be a privelege! 😊😊 Pooch
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    Moderators needed

    Hoorah! I want to volunteer to take care of the Filipino thread....Or the power is wider? hehe. I guess it depends on the traffic of the subforum, eh? Back in college, I have been a moderator already on a message board --- so I kinda know what it is like. hehehe. We are gonna be the janitors of the forum. ^__^ haha Pooch
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    Moderators needed

    Hi KC! Will there be some perks/rewards/compensation too? Like being able to ban people if they violate rules and stuff? Lol. Or that power is reserved to the admin? If not, how long is the term if you want to be a moderator? 3 months? 6 months? πŸ˜… Can i get canadian tire money? I guess its better than monopoly money. Lol πŸ˜‚ Pooch
  8. anong buwan? As of November 2017, ilang months na kayo? Hindi ka rin in good terms sa sarili mong tatay? So san ka ba nakatira? sino-sino mga kasama mo sa bahay? At paano ang arrangement? I want to know the living arrangement mo/ninyo diyan. More details, the better. bakit kayo magkasama araw-araw? Dahil parehas kayo ng house or parehas kayo ng school? paano ba? please explain. Hindi ko gets to. Tatlo kayo ng bunso ng cous-gf mo? Explain. same goes with this one. ano yung "bunso niya"? Sino yung 'niya'? I want to know what exactly happened. Caught in the act kissing ba? Or paano? Paanong nakahuli? May nabasang text message? paano? again, more details, the better. i see.. first gf mo pare? Kumalma ka muna.... Relax.. Kaya nating ayusin to. Explain. Alam ko yung social stigma pero saang parte ba kayo ng Pinas nakatira? Maynila or probinsya? Tsaka ano na ba ang mga alam ng mga tao diyan? Teka.. Relax muna.. Wala kang kailangang aminin kung hindi naman damaging. Kaya kelangang malaman ko muna 100% kung anong nangyari, kung anong concerns mo, at kung ano ang fears mo... Tsaka mo na problemahin yung pag-aasawa. Kasi malayo pa yun. lol. Tungkol naman sa batas sa pinas, yes, bawal nga ang pagaasawa ng pinsan sa Pinas. First cousin mo gf mo, tama? Pooch
  9. Hi Xildan, Rereplyan ko itong post mo, dito tayo mag-usap. Unang tanong: ilang taon na ba kayo parehas? Nagumpisa kami ng pinsan ko I was 18 at siya naman ay 16 eh. Pero sabi mo mas mtanda siya sa iyo kamo? What do you mean pantay kayo ng year? Anong year na kayo sa school? So sino nakipagbreak? Ikaw o siya? Importante kong malaman ito.. Pano kayo nagtapos? Cool off ba? Or pano? I will ask more habang naguusap. Wag ka mag-alala brad, confidential ka dito sa forums. I am willing to help you out. Pooch
  10. E anong sabi mo naman? Sinabi mo ba na nahihirapan ka na? Pooch
  11. Nope. I highly doubt it that they got angry because of you merely liking her (your cousin).. That's not the point -- it is about the other things that you have done that made them angry and annoyed. During the span of 10 years, you became a needy pushy guy who are obsessed with this girl. And so you text and text and got hurt and text some more and you become weird and creepy around her. Now you are humiliated. And the clan became angry because you are an annoying guy trying to disturb her peace. So you know what bro? Here's my suggestion: Leave her alone. Let her be. She got her guy and you should move on as well. Now on to other part of your post: I doubt that this is really the case. Copy-paste here the text message and let's see if she really "teased" you. I bet otherwise; she just asked how you are doing just like any other person how is your life doing and how come you fall off the radar or something like that...or even as relatives. Definitely not that she has interest in you or anything or that she has some plans like she is trying to flip you. Nope. Exactly my friend. You are obsessed with this girl. You are jealous that your roommate got her. Then you tried "protecting" this girl from your asshole roommate. But what's the return? Nothing. No gratitude at all. You are the knight in the shining armour saving the princess -- except that the princess does not care about u (or probably that was harsh -- she just does not see you that way). So now you lost respect for her. Perfect! Then you should have moved on man.. Date other girls more beautiful and hotter than her. Forget her! But nope... you didn't do that didn't you? You still kinda "expected" that she will patch things up when she got engaged and you have your little scenario/drama over your head that involves "you and her". Dude, that is not real...What was real was she is engaged. You tried going "I got nothing to talk" reply as if that will trigger something from her. Of course not. If you have said truthfully at that time that "Hey cous! I got a gf too! Hotter than you by the way. harharhar!" guess what? It would have been better. Either she have felt differently or you would have felt differently. But sheesh.. You got trampled like doormat by this girl and by your own self-made reality playing on your head. You gotta snap out of it man! Now here's comes the kicker: Exactly bro! OMG. The story gets cringier and cringer as I read it. Oh man.. I don't know if I will feel bad for you or something.. I feel like I owe you a SHAKE or something so you can snap out of this girl. She is engaged but then you are focusing on whatsapp messages!? Come on dude.. I bet she has 30 or 40 more whatsapp messages with different guys for all I know. But the point is -- she is engaged and she got a guy and that's about that. Those whatsapp texts are just real AT THAT TIME. After the time has past, all of those are merely part of history -- they are not real anymore. You might as well delete all of that. Those are useless. And so of course that's what she's gonna say, "Those are all years ago man! Why you bringing this up!?" Exactlyyyyy.... Whether you guys are close or not. It is relative to the situation anyways. That's nothing man.. You are merely grasping at straws..... Geez. Exactly this is it..... coz you know what? Coz you creeped her out. You got upset so in the heat of your emotion you blocked her. She is happy, got her life now, so she does not care at all for you..or probably she does it's just that she got her own life too you know and you have to figure out your own life as well. But then instead of moving forward with your life you friend requested her again... Gosh man.. Of course she won't accept that..coz she is busy with her life... and she has her own schedule...and own mood whether she wants to accept you or not. It's not like she is obsessed at you like you do to her! And so yep. this is it.. I mean, honestly, this is even better for you that you guys got no contact.. Thanks for the honesty bro.. And there are lots of people here that might be able to help you out. But yeah, when she was about to leave and asked you "why don't you talk", that's nothing man.. You just say, "Just not feeling well, that's all"... It's small talk.. It's nothing.. I bet after 10 seconds, she even forgot already that she asked you that question. lol. But here you are, acting so weird about it and making it a big deal, the same goes with her family. So yes sir, it is best that you just forget her. If it will bring you sanity not to attend her wedding, then don't go. You are an adult and you got a life of your own and stuff. Why go to this freaking wedding man? You see her not as cousin anyway --- but as a potential mate. And so it's better for you to stay at home or do something else rather than self-embarrassing yourself or hurting yourself with all of this charade. Snap out of it man! Pooch
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    Bicurious? You are a guy from your username but you said, "i don't have a boyfriend"... But then your cousin is a girl... so I am kinda confused. Can you clarify this first before I comment? Thanks. Pooch Btw I am a Filipino so I think I understand what's happening here.
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    The only impediment is my mind.

    I see... if he is your first then I really hope the best for you! 😊 You said that its hard to apply in real life, yes that is true. Coz it is my experience too.. so you know what I do? I sometimes "intentionally be a jerk" (even though i am not), just so that I can have those callous stuff on my heart to prepare myself... and it does not have to be big stuff, you know? But small stuff like "treating your cousin bf's dad not like your uncle perse but as your bf's dad"... subtle difference, but it is a mindset. Or for instance, not overly apologizing to a mistake you made..a simple apology sometimes is sufficient. And many others... I dunno if you know what I mean above but it kinda worked for me to get that "thick-faced muscle" just so thay I can stand my ground. And here's my suggestion since you are the lady in the relationship,: treat your cousin-bf really really well. Even though it can be hard, you have to support him and his decisions. Coz when he's strong, then you become strong too and it fuels to your relationship as you get to know this guy --- as your bf. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the positive feedback! By the way, my cous-gf and I started young as well. Lots have happened. Ups and downs. Thick and thin. She was 15 and I was 17 when we started and I still am learning a looot of things a out her and vice versa even now. We are no longer in the Philippines but are in Canada where cousin marriages are legal... so whenever we talk about that the "typical marriage these days ends up in divorce after 3 months", I really feel grateful. 😊 Pooch
  14. Wow.. I love it! Pooch
  15. Tita?! Err.. Naku iba nga yan bossing. Nope. Ako man eh tutol rin... and either nasa maling forum ka brad or i would have to disapprove din.. Pooch
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    Hi there, Click on my signature and go to the Filipino thread.. There are lots of Filipinos there who would be able to help you out... ^__^ Pooch
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    OMG. I did not know you can speak in Filipino!??? Whoa.. All this time KC.. Man, all this time..... 😲 Shocked, Pooch
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    The only impediment is my mind.

    Hi Nora, Hope my reply is not too late. Your thread is the kind of threads I want to reply on. And so hopefully I can be of help. First question, is your cousin your first crush/first bf? Or have you had a "normal bf" already before him? Not that it matters, but I just want to gauge your experience with relationships.... Coz I believe that it's diffrent, ,say in my case, wherein my cousin-gf is my first. My first love, first gf, and the whole nine yards.. Just want to ask. Now more to the point: You mentioned that you fear. You know what? You should arm yourself then. The materials in this website is so helpful. Look at the references on the homepage regarding the FACTS about cousin relationships and you will be amazed. Seriously. This site is a savior to my relationship with my cousin. But just to tackle some of the things you say,... You said, First of all, it's not a stupid reason... if it is a 'big deal to you', then it is a big deal to you.. I mean, not really a 'big deal' but there's just this WISH that "darn it.. if only our mothers are the ones that are siblings..! Just so that we can "hide" our surnames or whatever so that people won't ask!" lol. I feel like you are private person...and you don't really want that people talk behind you or after you or whisper things about you adn your relationship. I believe that you have a sort of "reputation" that you need to maintain -- and that's pretty understandable. You know what though? People actually don't care. They don't. You will get your 15 minutes of fame, be on the news, and people will talk... but as soon as you don't do something stupid, even if you don't say anything but just stand your ground, they really got no chance. Again I will repeat: people don't care too much about other people. What people care about is themselves. Now of course that won't help you too much... but my two points above is a mindset. What I can help you practically though is to encourage you to have that confidence and "own your relationship". You said that you are 19. Probably going to college and of course got plans. You see, I grew up in the Philippines... a strong catholic background and a family code that is just STRONG against cousin relationships. It's impossible to be married there in the Philippines. It is illegal and couples there are persecuted by families..even disowned. I remembered telling my cousin-gf back then that "we will be somebody in our clan... we won't be pushovers".. Basically my plan, as a guy, is to have a voice in the family...the big decisions that needs to be made and so on...just so that nobody will look down at us (me and my gf) by the time we let the cat out of the bag so to speak. And so now you are 19.. If you will have a Master's degree and none of your siblings and other cousins have Masters!? Dang, you have "a voice" over them and it will help your relationship with your boyfriend immensely. ^__^ Hope my comment helps, Pooch
  19. Anong sabi niya nung nag-usap kayo? Pooch
  20. Sino may sabing mali ang magkaroon ng nobyo, nobya, magmahal o pakasalan niya ang pinsan niya? Wala nun! Pooch
  21. In prison? Why oh why.... 😫 Isn't it that you actually should stay away from him!? Why him?? Dont fall too fast on him, my friend. Be very careful... Just saying.. Pooch
  22. Click mo signature ko. We can talk in Filipino on the other thread. But a quick answer would be this: Aunt-Nephew or Uncle-Niece marriages in the Philippines are 100% null and void from the beginning. Bali illegal po siya. Pooch
  23. Ay ang galing naman..proud mom si ate.. heheπŸ˜„ Ilang taon na sila ate? Si hubby mo ate, mas open in public na po ba sa sitasyon ninyo? Pooch
  24. Uy! Eto, okay naman.. going steady. Hehe. Ikaw? Pooch