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  1. Things have gotten complicated

    Wow.. I have no words to add Colorado. This is my feeling too! *Thumbsup* Pickledpipe, you gotta read Colorado's post and even reread it again twice..maybe thrice. Perhaps I should ask then at this point: Are you still in contact with him? You said, and you have to start with the redded part by breaking off contact. If you need a closure with him, by all means do it. But keep it short, to the point, and that's about it. If he is rational, he will understand...for the sake of both of you. Then block him off social media....I cannot stress that enough. You can cry and we will be here for you.. Cry again if it's still not going to be enough.. Then afterwards, prepare something for your boyfriend...You said that your bf treats you well, right? Then probably give him a foot massage or something. ^___^ Pooch
  2. Things have gotten complicated

    LadyC, Don't be afraid... Everything is under control... Just figuring out stuff, hopefully I'm not too much *peace sign* Pickledpipe, Yep, I agree with LadyC. The genie is out of the bottle -- and it is a point of no return. It's over. You made a mistake and I think you know that as well. Sigh.. I You know what? I believe this portion of what you said. You are afraid of losing your bf and I'm pretty sure that you will really lose him if he finds out. He is going to be hurt. He is going to feel betrayed. And there's nothing you can do about it. What if your cousin for some reason told somebody, gets the word out, then for some unknown reason your boyfriend founds out? It's not gonna be pretty... That's why I mentioned to really look at the big picure. Do you love your boyfriend? Like seriously. Do you? You say that he is an amazing person -- but do you love him?
  3. Things have gotten complicated

    Let me ask you a hypothetical question, alright? Let's suppose the sex was good. Let's suppose. You said that it wasn't (unfortunately or fortunately or whatever. lol). But let's suppose it was good. Like REALLY good. Do you think you will be here? I mean, do you think things can roll the right way on your end? Like, what I mean is that, you won't regret things afterwards, you won't fear that you will lose him, and so on and so forth? For example, how do you want him to handle the situation the first time? Coz you said that he was 'apologetic' and he said that it wasn't a good idea anymore that you guys should hang out alone together and all.. so you were like, "What the hell? Why say that now?!" know what I mean? Or like the second time, if he made the sex a 10, shouldn't it be....... fantastic? Pooch
  4. Things have gotten complicated

    Got it. Understood. How did you guys became best friends though? Let me quote myself again, Also, on his first advance, how did you shut him off? You said, So did you or did you not take his advances seriously? I mean, how much weight did you put it on his words? Was it like, "Dude, you can't be serious, are you?" or "Hahaha.. You crazy.. hahaha!" Which one of the two? know what I mean? How did you say it (if you can remember)? And why did you react that way (in a joking way)? Tryna diffuse stuff or something....? I wanna know what you were thinking.... Pooch
  5. Things have gotten complicated

    Aaarrgghhh... ouch. Pooch ps: Oh wait. How come it happened more than once though? *scratches head**
  6. Please answer...

    Have you asked her? If so, what did she tell you? Pooch
  7. Things have gotten complicated

    Inasmuch as I want to believe you, I will have LadyC answer this. Coz you know what? I can't. I just can't. There is just too much here. For me, this post just tells me tons. I have lots to say on the purple. I want to talk about your boyfriend and your relationship with him. I have lots to say about the red especially the fact that I am a guy. I want to ask about your 8-8.5/10, the psychology of what's happening and many many more. And so it does matter that I ask you numerically how is he looking. At the same time, I have lots to say on the green. You are in your mid-20s, not in freaking high school. Oh my oh my.... Here we gooo... And lastly, lots to say on the orange. My impression is a mix of repression, denial and rationalization. Come on now... it's not about reflection is what you need my friend. Actually, it's about opening your eyes... Soooo.. I will let other CC forumers bring that out... I will focus on other things instead but I want to save my comments for later. So I will refer to this post if the thread continues. Here's an important question. Remember that you are anonymous here, I don't know you and you don't know me. So I want you to be honest. Ask yourself though, Was the sex with him (your cousin) amazing? How is the sex? Like if you will rate it 0-10, and 10 is heaven, I will bet my million dollars (not that I have any lol) that it is a 10, correct? I mean, especially the time when you guys went to the trip? I doubt it if it is just a quick thing... Or even if it is, it is still a 10, right? Oh, just by passing, he is a good kisser, eh? He does not kiss like a grandpa? Pooch
  8. Things have gotten complicated

    Ahhh.. I see.. Now the plot thickens. I knew it coming. hehe Hi again Pickledpipe, You said, "But I don't have anyone else I can talk to". Errr... Yeah you do. Your boyfriend! Your boyfriend is your guy, your man. You are his. How is your relationship with your boyfriend though? Is it going strong? Or is it on the rocks? Please do not leave any information my friend...lest any help will be left out as well. Know what I am saying? These are critical stuff and I know there's a lot of things to process but here we are for yah. By the way, thanks for hanging out here in the forum. You are anonymous here... You don't know me and I don't know you, but we have the same situation regarding cousin relationships so I guess we help each other out, eh? Now on to some responses.... You said that your friendship with your cousin grew stronger within the last couple of years. If you guys are in your mid-20s, then is it fair to say that you guys did not grow up together? Like, what transpired that makes this friendship stronger? You see, I got relatives/cousins too and some I treat as my friends. But the close ones are the ones that I grew up with. Like the ones that either are my neighbors (they lived close to where I live) or the ones that I shared interest with upon meeting them for the first time. So I guess my question is that how did you and your cousin really became close friends a couple of years ago? Did his family move to where you guys are at now? Or vice versa? Or was he a "long lost cousin" that you never knew before that but for some reason got in touch with that sparked the connection and stuff? I just want to know how your friendship with your cousin is. You see, I do believe that "a friend" is different from "a best friend". All cousins are friends but not everyone are best friends....And the best friends are the ones that potentially crosses over to the relationship category even all the more to the sex-category. I find that you guys are best friends, am I right? Sooo....I guess it is becoming more than that...and now deflating faster than I can imagine. Don't worry though, we can still put the genie back in the bottle. (Silly me, Christina Aguilera is ringing in my ears as I type this -- I am a genie in the bottle" lol Pooch
  9. Things have gotten complicated

    Lady C, this is too realistic (and I don't know what emoticon I would put). LOL ++++ Okay, let me post something of substance and be an older brother to you, Pickledpipe, okay? Hi again. So the relationship is about a couple of years now. That is a long time. During this time of 2 years, I guess my question to Pickledpipe is do you feel any attraction to him though? You mentioned that your relationship with him before 'the kiss' is platonic. Sure, no problem. If that's what you wanted it to be -- no problem. But honestly though, is there any hint/sliver/small percentage of you know...being with him more than friends? Probably him being your boyfriend of some sort? Or some sort of curiousity? I dunno.. Do you have those feelings? You know what though, I can deduce that he is your first boyfriend. Am I right? (Or is it too quick to tell for now?) Correct me if I am wrong... I see.. You said that you shut down the conversation as nicely as you could... But then is this shutting down of the conversation just like other guys who made advances towards you in the past in school? Was that the case? I want to know how did you 'shut him down'? Like did you do it in a joking way? In a stern way? In a decisive way? In a 'panic way' like "HEY! where's the fries?! I AM SO GONNA TELL MOM!" blah blah blah... Know what I mean? How did you do it? I'm pretty sure you were shocked as well, right? And it seems to me that you appreciated his courage in really putting his foot forward to you and saying his feelings.... Response? Pooch
  10. Things have gotten complicated

    LOL! LadyC Now you just hit a funny bone in me. You are so right! Tom Cruise is our age. Omg I'm losing it! ha ha ha ha! (I know I rarely post like that... But sometimes I do. nyahahaha!) And just when I thought that Tom Cruise was the standard of being a catch... **facepalm** Well, I sure bet your cousin-husband is more attractive than Tom Cruise! hahaha Pooch PS: Sooo.. Uhh.. Pickledpie, if there's an actor that resembles him, a celebrity or something like that, may I know who could that be? It does not have to be in Hollywood... I just thought that he would be supercute (bolded and emphasis added) for you, am I right?
  11. Things have gotten complicated

    Hi there, First of all, welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing. First question is: Is he cute? Like attractive, even sexually attractive..? Like, is he cute in that way to you? Please rate from 0-10. 10 being Tom Cruise. Also, may I ask how old are you guys? Are you guys still in college? Thirdly, do you have a boyfriend? How about him -- does he have a girlfriend? I will answer the rest afterwards. Pooch
  12. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hi there, Knowing that you are still in high school and your cousin-bf is in college is already sufficient. Anyhow, how come your mom is out of the picture? Is it because she approves or is it because you think that she is not going to be a 'problem'? You see, I think it's should be that both your mom and your dad should approve. However, I do think that that's the least of your concern at this point. You know why I said that? It's because him being your cousin is not a huge factor at this point. If I am not going to be mistaken, he is your first boyfriend. Am I right? You mentioned that you told him that you guys should never speak again. What did he say? How did he respond? And most important of all -- what is your current status now? Like, are you guys still together or have you guys broken up...? What's the situation? You guys are 9 months and still going? Or did you guys cool off? Let me know. Wishing you the best, Pooch
  13. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hey, don't worry about it! You are anonymous here. I don't know you... and you don't know me. That's the beauty of this forum. Unless you reveal yourself, there's no way anybody will know who you are.. Know what I'm saying? But even with the anonimity, I do hope that I can relate to your situation and to whatever that you guys are going through.. After all, we are in this kind of unique relationship.. You know? But then, if you really don't want to say how old you guys are, then it's up to you.... I just thought I should ask.. When I asked if you guys are still studying, I asked that because the sound of your post seems like you guys are still under your parents roof -- in which from that I deduced that either you guys are still in high school or college. But then of course that's a long shot! lol. To a culture like mine for example, I highly value my parents blessing regarding my relationship and so I really take good consideration of them. Pooch
  14. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hi Young and Afraid, Welcome to the forum. My situation is the same....except that I am the guy. May I ask how old is he and how old are you two? Are you guys still studying? Hopefully it gets better on your end, Pooch
  15. I see.. If that's the case, then just work on what you have... Mabait naman ba si Mister mo (kahit papaano)? Kamo hindi Pinoy, does he adopt naman ba sa Filipino culture (or at least try to adopt)? Or mahirap? 3rd/4th grade na pala anak mo. Naguumpisa na maging makulet iyan. lol. 4 years na lang, teen-ager na.. Mabilis lang ang panahon.. Pooch
  16. http://i65.tinypic.com/2rz57iw.jpg Hahaha
  17. Ay naku mahirap yan ate... Hindi lang sa cousin relationships ito kundi relationships in general. Pag pamilyado na kayo parehas, "Bakit ngayon ka lang?" ng Freestyle ang kakantahin mo niyan. *peace* Naku, maraming masasaktan, maraming masasagasaan, maraming mahihirapan... No way.. Not worth it...Double trouble nga.. X_X Kahit siya pa si Tom Cruise, no no no... lolz. May anak ka na ba ate? Ilang taon na? Musta naman tatay ng mga anak mo? Pooch
  18. "Trying to keep busy" Naku, di mo na kelangang magtry na maging busy... Busy ka na talaga. lol. Daming kailangang gawin.. Tingin ko nga pag nanjan yang bf mo, wala ka na time for yourself eh... or sa pusa mo eh. Tama ba? Or mali ako? hehe. Basta wag mo lang siyang aawayin. hehehe. Pooch
  19. I like my cousin and don't know what to do

    I see..a troll indeed... i thought so.. Pooch
  20. First cousin. My mom and her dad ay magkapatid. The thing is though, they are 'magkapatid' but 'questionable'. And the reason why I say that is because her dad is not fully sure whether they have the same dad. But suffice it to say, both of them have the same mom. So either they are full blooded siblings or half-siblings. And so we are first cousins. Responsible? I have to be! lol. Otherwise, wala kaming patutunguhan ni gf. And besides, I think that's makes a guy attractive -- isn't it? I dunno.. and it just adds confidence na rin which spirals things upward. The problems and stuff like those, of course sure dumarating yan, pero it's how you deal with it kasi and sometimes, even avoiding them before it gets to your plate. For example, I want to be financially stable para sa future namin ni gf. It means I cannot just buy a brand new car even via loan or something like that even though I can...I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. Nabangga kasi ako lately. Meron akong 70K lang na 1998 Oldsmobile. I just bought it for less than $3K 3 years ago. Eh binagga ako sa intersection just about a month ago. I'm okay naman, walang galos, walang anything. But my car is a total wreck. Sabi ng mga tao sa paligid ko, "Uy panahon na to get a new one!" blah blah blah... My sister is even willing to loan me something for me to get something na may dating talaga if you know what I mean... My parents back in Vancouver are even willing to 'lend' me (which is quite ironic given that they are already on their pensions) money para makabili ako ng talagang bigating kotse na "maipagmamalaki ko daw". Oh please... But then I got my own plans. Syempre gusto ko kasama rin si gf sa plano kasi we are together eh. I got a 2004 Buick for about $4300 lang. 144 clicks. I bought it cash. O edi walang problema! diba? I got a respectable car. An upgrade. Without mortgage. Without debt. Carry ng budget. And okay naman ang kotse. Sounds good! Heck, mas mura pa insurance ko! LOL! Anyhow, I gave that example sa itaas kasi nakatira ka sa North America eh, and you can definitely relate. hahaha. Thanks for wishing me the best. MInsan kailangan rin naming mga guys ng tapang no. Pooch
  21. I miss u dude! hahahahaha! *apir* Pare, I feel you.. Alam mo ba, nakwento nga kita sa cous-gf ko eh. Kasi may favorite kaming lugar dito kung saan kami nagde-date. Sabi ko sa kanya, "Walang hiya ka. Pag pinagpalit mo ko sa isang nagmamountain-climbing, susunugin ko itong restaurant na to". Bwahaha.. Tawa siya ng malakas eh Anyhow, with all seriousness though, I pray that you don't give up pare. Minsan kapag nadedrain ka, it's a spiral down yan eh. Sometimes, you have to force yourself to go out, wag magstay sa bahay and really experience another chapter in your life. Alam mo yun? Eventually, it should not be a fight... Call some of your friends again and enjoy your freedom, gawin mo kung ano ang gusto mong gawin noon na hindi mo magawa nung kayo pa kasi nirerestriktahan ka niya. lol. You have to learn to make yourself happy. Si Miss Model, oo nga, di na ata bumalik. I hope she's okay though. Pooch
  22. Hah! I see... Naku, malapit lang pala eh. Winnipeg is just 6 hours away kung nasaan ako... Land of the living skies. Kasi wala ka namang makikita dito kundi puro patag. LOL. It's good that you focus on what will make you happy. Push mo lang yan ika nga. Dun sa what-ifs and stuff? Nah... I wouldn't go there. It's better if you remember him sa good memories. You know what I mean? It's better to stay that way. It's like ogling at a hot stud refraining him from talking kasi once he opens his mouth, you will be turned off. LOL. Tingin ko ganun din yun --- ok na 'siya' sa happiness mo with him and you wishing him the best of everything.. You know? The what-ifs though!? Erase. Erase... Not worth it. And so of course he has a place in your heart... di naman maiaalis yun eh.. and rightfully so, he is special to you, alam mo yun? Got to be... Pero yeah, hanggang dun na lang yun. Life is bigger than that eh, diba? Musta naman diyan? Di rin biro ang Pinoy Overseas ah, diba no 9/9/2004? It's not easy.. You gotta be always on top of your game. And you have to learn to adopt. And you can only be real with the people whom you are close to. I hope you have friends and family together with you kahit papano. In my situation, my cous-gf and I are on the same city. So that's a huge milestone sa amin. We are together for 15 years na...since we were in our teens. 2002 naging kami, my family migrated here sa North America then sumunod naman pamilya niya. It really was a long rough road na pinagdaanan namin. May halong LDR pa kasi and so on and so forth....just as typical relationship goes through. Ang sa amin nga lang, walang naging third party either on her side or on my side. So the trust is really there and we hold each other hands along the way. But since magpinsan kami, a huge hurdle talaga siya. Imagine, nasa Canada na ako ah -- where supposed to be legal ang cousin marriage... Yet, I really want to make this right eh, alam mo yun? Pooch
  23. Kielan, Can you check House Bill 4982? Act ito regarding LGBT eh na isusulong at Senate Bill 935 sa pagprevent naman ng discrimination with matching penalties.. 🤔 i am not sure if this is the latest though.. Pooch
  24. I like my cousin and don't know what to do

    Dude you are 17 years old and she 18. Is she your first girlfriend? You said that u made her your girlfriend but then afterwards you said that you told her that you dont want to be in a relationship. Like which is which,man? Do you want a relationship long term with her or just a booty call situation? U gotta be clear... 🤔 Pooch
  25. I see.. Thanks for sharing. So sa US ka pala naka-based. Ako naman sa Canada. Same situation tayo ate when it comes sa 'reputation' sa clan. Pero the difference siguro is parehas kami ng cous-gf ko ng sitwasyon reputationwise. Walang discrepancy unlike you na it seems like nasa ulap ka and siya naman nasa lupa. When you said na "...at the end he backed off", kasi masakit din sa kanya yun. But I think na both of you figured it out naman na and so that closure was really needed. I'm glad that you had experienced yung ganung emotional love. I mean, if it worked edi good; but if not, like what happened to you, I mean, it's not like everything else have fallen eh, diba? Those stuff were still real, no.. Kahit papaano.. The fact is, you loved and that felt good and so it's all fair game... Shrug it off na lang ate and "lose like Pacman". I mean, lose 'like a boss' -- and not a sore loser, ika nga. hehe.. diba? Natuwa ako dun sa 'twin flame'. lol. Anyhow, are you still looking ba ate? I know that you are open on dating at this point and stuff.. May manliligaw naman ba as of late? Or sarado pa muna si puso? I just want to ask kung ano na ang state ng puso naten. hehe. Sabi niyo kasi 2 years na eh and so I'm pretty sure, isang dosenang drum na ng luha na ang naiiyak ninyo sa kanya -- aba worth it na yun! hehe.. *peace* Pero seryoso, I feel like kayo yung tao na she knows herself eh and is mature na to handle atomic bombs of emotions like this. And so you can just bank this episode in your experience and then hope for a brighter next one. Whiiiiiiiich brings me to my next point. Napansin ko kasi yung handle ninyo is "Kulasa Manila". Were you in some kind of other forums before if you don't mind me asking? Or itong CC ang una ninyong forum na sinalihan -- ever? Kasi I was a member ng ibang forum din kasi and may nakainteract din akong Kulasa na taga-US noon like way back 9-10 years ago. Lol. I know it's a long shot so more likely na hindi ikaw yun but whatever. hahaha. San ka sa US ate naka-base? BTW, Okey si Barry Manilow ah! hehe.. Pooch