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  1. Wow, thanks for the replies. D: Im glad you liked my previous post. I know that it cant be easy for her, she must have many conflicting emotions as a girl of her age must have. I try not to be pushy and try to talk to her casually and such. Once in a while i try and text her, but she takes hours or even days to write back, and then it is short and neutral answers. I wrote her a handwritten letter for her 18th birthday last summer, it went something like; "You are a sweet and wonderfull girl, i allways appreciated our time together" and so on, very platonic. And then i mentioned this tension between us and rounded of with that i loved her, but not exactly in what way. The idea was to not scare her away and see how she would react. I only saw her twice since then and both times she was more chatty than usual, but abit more distant. One thing i have noticed is that after people start moving around at gettogethers, she allways finds her way to sit next to me. Also when im conversating with someone, i can see her staring at me intensely. For now it feels like we are stuck and that it will take time. Even though every second feels like a year, i will wait a thousand lifetimes if i have to. I am just afraid she might settle with someone else, and i would be crushed if she ever brought a boyfriend around even though i realize it might be good if she tried dating other guys so she might realize im the one for her. Oh man when i start writing i just keep going, sorry for the long post
  2. I could barely read through that, because after the first part i was already crying like a waterfall! Through my tear filled eyes i read onwards and i started sobbing uncontrollably. When i reached the end of your story, i was filled with hope and a most beautifull sadness. Thank you for sharing your story, and may you live in peace and happiness for a very long time. Ebbe
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