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  1. My beloved is coming in less than a month!!!! In less than a month, I'm going to hold my dear cousin for the first time in my entire life. We're going to have our kiss, our first time holding hands, our first date... the first time i ever get to hear her voice for real instead of through speakers or earphones We've been through so much to get to where we are, but we're really doing it.. it's really happening and it's happening so soooon :grin: Thank you all for the support!!!
  2. hehe, funny that you mentioned this. because we just talked a couple of weeks ago. And we decided that we didn't want to do it any time soon. As you said, we know that we're going to be together, so there's no rush. We'd rather just focus on the relationship right now and not let things get muddled up if (again, like you said) something unplanned happens. So yea, we're taking things slow and we don't plan to do anything until after we marry. Thanks for the wise words. Even though I came to that conclusion before reading this post, I appreciate that there's someone out there willing to giv
  3. OMG OMG OMG I just told my mum yesterday and she's fine with it. Happy for us in fact I'm about to tell my dad today. I just typed up a 2 page letter and printed it out. about to leave it on his desk for him to read when he wakes up. After this, then my entire immediate family will know :smiley: @Meganoone I'm actually living in Australia and our family (while asian) is very 'western'. We're not a typical asian family. I really feel for you. The pain of knowing that you can't be with the one you truly love is incredibly deep. I know this, because me and my cousin were like that before.
  4. haha me and her joke about that all the time :-). we tried writing out our love story out on paper and read it to ourselves and laughed at how much this sounded like it could be a movie or something. so exciting though.. coz it's real!! I'll post up on the forum when we eventually meet and I'll share my experience. i know for certain that we're going to go absolutely nuts haha... that first kiss. sigh... it's all i think about these days :-) appreciate all the support!! :tongue:
  5. Thank you for that :azn: Yes, we're really taking our time to get to know each other and really develop this relationship before we take things further. While it's really hard that we've never even met in real life, it kind of helps us to focus on the actual emotional relationship - getting us both mentally ready for each other before we meet :angel:
  6. Hehe, I just found out about this forum and I thought I'd register and tell my story. It's not really a complete story, because we're still young (I'm 21y/o male and she's 17 year old girl) and our love story is still unfolding. She lives in Canada, and I'm living in Australia. We both grew up in our respective countries and have never visited each other at all. In fact, before April of last year, I didn't even know that she existed. I knew that I had family over there, but I didn't know the specifics of who was there. She also only knew us through a couple of odd photos here and there... se
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