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  1. pls watch this this is so adorable. dogs are so smart!!!!
  2. mystory


    Lol ! have you ever traveled here ? Or anywhere in the south
  3. mystory


    Yes you're right,thank you and no I haven't. I reallllly wanna move to the beach. I loveeee it. Love the smell of the ocean.. so much fun stuff to do there its beautiful. hopefully ill be there next year. where are you ?
  4. mystory


    We aren't together now . we are working on some things. I wasn't born in Italy .. I was born in New York.. Staten Island to be exact.
  5. mystory


    Yes. and to us its always about loyalty too. I'm in North Carolina now..been living here since I was little. I like it but someday me and Cuz want to move to the beach
  6. I cook sometimes.. but my favorite thing to make is chicken parmesan !! yummy!
  7. mystory


    Any Italians here ? I am. and everywhere I go someone always asks my ethnicity. and when I reply Italians and white they always say I knew it. or something along the lines of looking exotic. the most crazy one I got was someone asked me if I was Asian!? what?! lol everyone says Italians are crazy hehe and have anger problems LOL we do talk with our hands A LOT and eat tons of pasta some of us are angry drivers and sometimes curse a little bit too much lol. Italians are funny!! Funny thing is I live in the country (and love it) but most people say I don't look like I'm from here. Some It
  8. I understand !! whatever happens,if you guys decide to peruse anything just make sure its what you guys both want. Good luck with everything
  9. Understood. but if she is in a relationship you have to respect that. and so does she. Of course it would be a shock. when I told my parents two days ago it was a shock. they didn't like it but what's done is done .ya know ?
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