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  1. My Grandma passed away this morning around 6 a.m. At least she's at peace now in heaven. She will be missed by all but at least there are good memories of her.
  2. Thanks LadyC and Samapartofamy, luckily she's in no pain but on last year of life. She will be and is looked after by all Family, thanks.
  3. I know my Grandma got the all clear last year, well bad news this time. It's terminal, she has 3 brain tumours and its spread all through her body. I'm in shock, I never thought it would had come back. We haven't got a timeframe for how long she's got left to live. Just a sad time at the moment, I just need to get prepared for her eventually passing away
  4. I know it is, I got a text today saying she is tired. Rest is the best thing for her, until she feels 100% :smiley: nessa76
  5. I know, first thing one thinks of when they hear Cancer is death. Luckily it was caught and treated in time, less to worry about now! nessa76
  6. My Grandma has got the all clear from Cancer, such a relief! :smiley: nessa76
  7. With the way time is going lately, 2 weeks will be here before you know it! So, congrats and keep us informed after the wedding if you can! nessa76
  8. nessa76

    i'm craving....

    Cayenne pepper will give the cookies and hot cocoa a kick of spice. Last winter over here wasn't that cold, thankfully! I love cinnamon, nice flavour too in baking. nessa76
  9. nessa76

    i'm craving....

    Thats cheaper, way cheaper. Cookies are nice, with cocolate chips! nessa76
  10. nessa76

    i'm craving....

    $10+ is expensive for almond flour, mind you food over here is getting more expensive through the government! I bought liquorice allsorts for my cravings, I shouldn't had done though they've addictive Lol nessa76
  11. He didn't work at the supermarket, might had been looking for Sex Lol
  12. Geeez, waited 30 minutes for a taxi at my local 24 hour supermarket. Only had 2 guys asking me if I wanted a lift. I never let them, could had been anyone. One sounded polish or russian Lol
  13. That's crazy, but normally when one smokes they Don't have an appetite or at least a great one. Appetite comes back whilst quitting haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who's binged, my mom was the same but unfortunately she's back to smoking again! nessa76
  14. Yeah but I did it quick, didn't hurt just made me sneeze Lol nessa76
  15. An update, I plucked a few hairs out of my nose and now I've no sores at all up my nose even with still using an E-cigarette! :laugh: nessa76
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