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  1. My Grandma passed away this morning around 6 a.m. At least she's at peace now in heaven. She will be missed by all but at least there are good memories of her.
  2. Thanks LadyC and Samapartofamy, luckily she's in no pain but on last year of life. She will be and is looked after by all Family, thanks.
  3. I know my Grandma got the all clear last year, well bad news this time. It's terminal, she has 3 brain tumours and its spread all through her body. I'm in shock, I never thought it would had come back. We haven't got a timeframe for how long she's got left to live. Just a sad time at the moment, I just need to get prepared for her eventually passing away
  4. nessa76

    Broke up

    A lot of families do get used to the idea of Cousin's dating, takes time to get adjusted to the idea! nessa76
  5. I've mince meat, tomatoes, onions, kidney beans with chilli con carne mix topped with garlic tomato puree in the slow cooker. I'll be having it tomorrow with a garlic bread pizza! Yummy nessa76
  6. nessa76


    Maybe the relative could only afford to look after one of the kids, might be wrong though because I obviously don't know him/her. At least they've a good life now though! nessa76
  7. nessa76


    What a horrible life they had before. Some people don't deserve to have kids, they're sick, twisted and warped! I'm glad they love their adopted family and well adjusted now, every child deserves love. Acid in the face, is dam right wrong. Did the boyfriend get sent to prison? I hope so. nessa76
  8. nessa76


    Yeah, most haven't LadyC. Can be rewarding though, giving it love, care etc... & to be a loved child. A lot are emotionally disturbed, unattached to people but clingy, that can be overcome though with learning techniques of how to deal with them. I don't mean this to sound selfish, but I would like to adopt a boy. I do feel that women bond quicker to boys than girls. I obviously want to bond with the child, because I wouldn't want him to go back in to foster care! nessa76
  9. nessa76


    I'm thinking of adopting a child, made enquiries about it and I've a social worker coming around this Thursday at 10 a.m. I just hope my situation gives me approval for the process to go ahead. Has anyone else adopted, or thought about it? nessa76
  10. Just ignore my question, is it a Spanish soap opera. You said If one's fluent in Spanish try watching it, so obviously it's Spanish Lol I must had been half asleep before! nessa76
  11. Tastes a lot nicer than it looks, but it was delicious :smiley: nessa76
  12. I'm having a sausage casserole for my dinner tomorrow, just got it in the slow cooker now. Once cool I will pop it in the fridge, leave it to marinate overnight. I will put a photo of the final result on here later :smiley: nessa76
  13. I would watch it, if it has English subtitles. Is it a Spanish soap opera? nessa76
  14. Clothing of patterns & colour have advanced over the years. They go well with my blonde and pink hair of streaks :smiley: They're like a wetlook with cotton and the design too! nessa76
  15. They're designed at the top to look like shorts, I don't think the nude part is nylon. 95% polyester and 5% spandex! nessa76
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