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  1. Thanks guys for your support, it really means a lot!!!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. We both are in stable relationship but no issues with spouses. I will try to avoid her but I am afraid it will break her. Also I still have this guilt feeling now that I shouldn't have discussed with her at all about my feeling. And this is killing me. Plz advice...
  3. I am so new to this phase of life, I wasn't sure what to do...I thought I can write here to take it off my chest. This is how my story goes... Me and my cousin we stayed in same city when kids. But were never really in touch or close. After studies I went to another city for work. After few months I came to visit my family and met her. I went back to work after we casually we exchanged the number. Soon we started texting & calling her. Started writing poems for her. We would talk everyday for about 4-5 hours till late night, fight on phone. After that I came back to her city once and w
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