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  1. Thanks guys for your support, it really means a lot!!!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. We both are in stable relationship but no issues with spouses. I will try to avoid her but I am afraid it will break her. Also I still have this guilt feeling now that I shouldn't have discussed with her at all about my feeling. And this is killing me. Plz advice...
  3. I am so new to this phase of life, I wasn't sure what to do...I thought I can write here to take it off my chest. This is how my story goes... Me and my cousin we stayed in same city when kids. But were never really in touch or close. After studies I went to another city for work. After few months I came to visit my family and met her. I went back to work after we casually we exchanged the number. Soon we started texting & calling her. Started writing poems for her. We would talk everyday for about 4-5 hours till late night, fight on phone. After that I came back to her city once and we met. She stayed at my place , we talked till later night...it was fun. Next day she even came to airport to drop me and sat so close to me, it felt so good!!! I had already feeling for her but thought may be she is happy to see me... Again we used to be in touch by phone....thn she got engaged. I got confused with my feeling...I was not sure how to react. I was single at that time. But I kind of showed that I am happy for her. I stayed at her house during her wedding. We talked, laughed during the wedding. But a night before wedding, we (few more cousins) all were sleeping in big room. It was very late, everyone was sleeping, but me and my cousin were talking. Suddenly, she hold my hand and started cuddling. After few minutes, we started kissing each other without anyone knowing. It just happened......It was best moment of my life!!! But we didn't go further....we stopped and went to sleep, without saying anything. Next day was awkward, I thought I took advantage of her. Next day I said sorry and told her this will never happen and we should not discuss ever. She agreed and she got married. After new months, I got married and moved to another country. But my feeling never went away for her....but was afraid she might not feel same way about me. I went to home country couple of times after that and I saw her. She was happy, I felt good and wished her best. But after my last visit, we spoke couple of times on phone. One day we were texing and she was awake so late, so I asked her if she wants to talk. She said "yes". I called her and asked her if she recall that night before her wedding. She said she will never forget it. We both ended up expressing our feeling towards each other. We both are married with kid and know there is no future for us. But we talk or text daily and miss each other....I don't know what will happen in future but this is good feeling.... Some times, I do feel that its cheating but still cannot let go my feeling towards her....
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