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  1. TearsOfHappiness

    Sakura Diaries - Review

    I made a review of Sakura Diaries and I have it on Patreon now if anyone want to check it out! I love this anime and I hope you do too! http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=432469
  2. TearsOfHappiness

    My parents are first cousins

    Don't let this fact ruin your life. If you aren't ill or anything like that, I see no reason to worry. Loving a cousin is like loving anyone else. Be happy your parents love each other instead. It takes a lot of love and courage to stay with a cousin in this world and society we have today. The only reason a lot of people complain about cousin marriages is because most of society has deemed it wrong. Society also thinks alcohol and tobacco is okay... So... society... Well, society doesn't always make the right decisions. Society is build by group pressure and trends more than common sense. Instead of thinking so bad of yourself, be happy you have parents who love each other and be happy of who you are. Everyone has bad self-esteem about their looks sometimes, you can only work on that yourself. I've been there too sometimes and my parents are not cousins. Just try to stay strong and be happy for what you have
  3. Except it doesn't work and bring you to the main page...
  4. TearsOfHappiness

    What should I do? Stay or leave?

    5 hours is nothing. It's close enough to visit every now and then. You should follow your heart. You are living your life, not your parent's or your sister's. If you waste it once, you get no second chance. If they love you, they accept your decision.
  5. TearsOfHappiness

    My ex-husband is blackmailing me! Pls help

    The only way to prevent him from blackmailing you is to reveal the truth yourself before he has a chance to. It might feel uncomfortable but it's better than living under threat.
  6. TearsOfHappiness

    For those who have children with their cousin

    I think everyone feels that way, wether they are cousins or not. I just wish you luck! Don't forget to post them pictures of the happy family in the picture section when you are done!
  7. TearsOfHappiness

    The Old & New Test

    What is right or wrong isn't decided by a 2000 year old book, but what is in your heart and mind.
  8. I think your dreams are telling you something. Dreams are usually based on feelings and memories so if you have feelings for someone in a dream, you most likely have in real life yourself. The fact that you even came to this forum to write about it should be something to think about by itself. But in the end, only you know what you feel.
  9. TearsOfHappiness

    Nosy People

    Sure you don't want them to find someone who makes THEM feel as happy as your cousin does for you?
  10. TearsOfHappiness

    Want relationship, but it's even more complicated than just cousins

    I agree with LadyC. Anything but monogamy equals heartbreak and psychological terror...
  11. TearsOfHappiness

    parents are cousins

    More human? You should be proud of them that they can stand for who they are!
  12. This is how you get Grand Theft Auto V for free, without paying anything, before release! It's 100 % legal and 100% secure! Go ahead and try it today! :angel:
  13. TearsOfHappiness

    Is it normal to be confused ?

    Do you live far from each other? Why don't you write a bit to him? Being a player is worrisome though... Those are warning signs to look out for.
  14. TearsOfHappiness

    I'm in love with my 2nd cousin, and he's 7 years older than me.

    I am in the same position too, but I have fallen in love with me 14 year cous and I am 29... It is not illegal to be in love with someone minor or well above your age though. As long as you don't do anything illegal, like have sex or similiar, it shouldn't matter. I say that love is ageless and age is but a number. So if you decide to be with each other, just make sure you don't do anything too physical until you've turned 15 (or 16 or whatever your legal age for that is in your country). Love is never wrong, no matter how old you both are as long as you don't do anything inappropriate with each other.
  15. TearsOfHappiness

    Cousin in the philippines,my story so far

    Does that mean you started dating when she was 15 and you were 25? All I can say is... AWESOME!!!! I wish more people didn't stare themselves blind on age, but on how they actually felt.