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  1. Hi Brynn, Please consider this as an opinion and advice. Think over it. Right now you are 13, and I understand that you might be confused in recognising your cousin's feelings as well as his intensions. He is 15 and knows better than you about how he feels and what he is doing. I don't want to scare you but this might be a case of premature affection and might result in molestation. These feelings might just be your harmones (those chemicals in brain). So don't go ahead yet. And don't let him touch you the way you just explained here. It's not good for both health and your mind at this age. Do not get in physical or emotional relation just yet, it messes up with your overall growth at this age. You are 13 and I think it is asking a lot for a girl your age, to think rationally and decide for yourself but, considering my advice I hope you choose well. Regards, Sam
  2. Please advice and opinions needed.

    I agree with Pooch. Being an introvert myself, I can tell how much I love talking about life, experiences and something deep. Build your relationship stronger and the more open you both are with each the closer you'll get to each other. Best wishes.
  3. I'm Back!!

    Dear Isabella, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine the pain you might have for the loss of beloved. I hope that you find happiness and move on. With best wishes.
  4. Just venting

    Gave. Sometimes, it is not about sex but feelings.
  5. In love with my 1st cousin! What to do?

    People, understand this. Love is mutual. Otherwise it is just one-sided feelings or nothing. Conversation is the most effective tool you can use. Talk to him about your feelings and then progress accordingly.
  6. Chatroom experiment

    I see, there are only 2 members in the group right now.
  7. how to tell your mom

    Congratulations Wolfrunner.
  8. I heard great news yesterday

    I am so sorry to hear that Nessa. Take care of her and give her good last days of her life. Amen.
  9. Going to tell my cousin sister

    Try to make it as simple as possible. Do not make her uncomfortable. Just tell her about your feelings casually so that the relation of friendship and that of being for each other remains intact. Talk to her about life and other important things about each other, and in between express how you feel. Give her time and space if she needs it. I wish you all the luck.
  10. How old...

    I've always been attracted towards her since my childhood days when we used to meet once or twice a year during any festival or family get togethers'. But I realized that it is love When I was 16. Not an old time. It's still in front of my eyes ''our first kiss''. It's been just two years and it feels like I've lived my whole life
  11. First cousin marriage legal or illegal in India?

    i never gave up and never will.....
  12. Cousins hiding feelings from you?

    brother, I strongly think that u should tell her of your heart. It's been 4 years for your crush. The hints she drops for you are of love, dude. Turn your crush into partenership of all the lives. All the best. God bless! (y) @ebbe
  13. First cousin marriage legal or illegal in India?

    @dushyant contact me on fb saket.cool@ovi.com
  14. Answer my question.....with a question

    i certainly got it... Nw continue d game rather than arguing,.... Isn't a good idea???
  15. Answer my question.....with a question

    my question was --''why is age ashmed of being made for my life???''