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  1. i cudn't control my feelings n proposed her,but she didn't accept n she told my other cousin n she(other cousin) was angry on me n i thought meeting them any time wud depress me.she stoppd speakin wid me(my crush) n i finnally tld tat i was playin wid her,thinkin tat she wud tel my parents,n she cald me n spoke to me ,n she spoke wit me d very next meet holdin my hand but still not luvin me n nw shes not chattin wit me. n i cant stop luvin her, i cry everyday bcoz of her . shes either not lovin me nor tlkin to me ,wat do i do? i cant live without her n i wanna marry her but shes nt understandin.plz help!!!!x-(:'(
  2. Im lovin ma second cousin n shes 4 years elder to me im lovin her since i was 7 years old n nw im 16 .im feelin scared to propose her but i proposed her many times indirectly n she will always get angry wen i do so ill impress always n she gets impressed but shes not lovin me.im so crazy abt her ill die if she doesn't marry me.i doono hw to propose her plz help shes not understandin n shes nt luvin any1 but she broke wit a guy n doesn't wants to love any1 again
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