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  1. I've read this before back in May but didn't have the time to reply since I was truly hurt and devistated (I'm still broken up to this day nothing change) I'm speechless. You Sir are truly strong, you deserve to be happy with the person you love so much and I hope that time will come soon. I hope my cousin is just like you so we can happy with each other but sad to say he is not, I'm the one who's just like you and may turn out to be like you. (still be in love even after a year, 10 or 30 years) I will pray for your wishes and true happiness to come true, you deserve them. All of us are deserving to be happy with the person we love and want to be with for the rest of are lives..
  2. I know your pain, I'm in the same situation as you are right now (maybe ours is a 100 times more heavier than yours). By the way are you both students? I don't know if my advice will help you since I'm still emotionally and mentally wreck and to be honest I'm not one of the best advisers here but I want to help you. As of now the things that you can do as soon as you're done crying your heart out, reminiscing the past, dreaming of your future with him and thinking of what ifs is: 1. Move on. Tell yourself that he's not coming back, that he hurt you and that you deserve someone better, you can find someone else since you're still young. Don't give in to the idea that he may come back because it will only block you from moving on. Some of the member here does this. But this is IF you DON'T want to wait for him or as you said earlier (since he's your first love) if you're UNSURE on how true and strong your feelings for him are. 2. Focus on yourself while waiting. This is kind of what I'm doing (although I can't say if I'm finally doing it or not). I won't tell you to stop loving or waiting him or to move on because in my personal exp. I know how hard they are to do, sometimes it also seems impossible. (you'll figure that out yourself when it's time to let go) Put yourself on top of your list before him. If you really want him and are willing to wait for him then start bettering yourself in everyway you can. It will also help him realize his mistakes when he let you go. You have to make him see that there are no better women for him other than you. The details on how is up to you since you're the one who knows him. Hope there's no third party involve because if there is then the pain will be 1million times harder just like mine. We are here for you, we are family here.
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    Pretty..... Crowded. :tongue: but yes pretty nontheless especially the historical places. You'll definitely feel that your on a different time and century.
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    That's good. I pray that you'll end up together. I used to live in Florence (very beautiful and breath taking city a bit far from the ocean though) with my Cousin Love for half a year. But things got crazy and we broke up. I'm staying with my relatives now here in Rome. Yes beaches here are beautiful especially the ones at the south part of the country.
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    That's good. Hope you remember my advice to you. If he's a good person at heart (you're the only one who can tell if he is or he is not) then go for it. Give yourself sometime, grow up a bit more and just support each other in every way whether you end up being with each other again or not. There's nothing more beautiful that to be with the person you truly love for the rest of your life so choose the long run. Too bad, Italy is such a beautiful country especially Tuscany. Ever been here before?
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    Wait i thought it was over between you and your Cuz? I'd love to have a nice house beside the beach too. Australia is one of the perfect places to live. From which city in Italy are you from?
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    That's true it seems like they can't control themselves from cursing even when they're just having a normal conversation, heck even the younger ones know how to curse, and let me tell you they are good! :tongue: but the good thing about Italians are they know how too forgive and forget the bad stuffs. Try having an argument or a fight with them (not physically though) and right after you tell each other sorry they'll forgive you right away. I'm not Italian but I live in Italy for half a decade now. Where are you now?
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