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  1. YTB2Her

    Broke up

    If it helps any, our situation sounds a LOT like yours. My cousin & I both had serious reservations about the family's reactions to our relationship, and one was living in Vancouver and one in Toronto. In the end we decided that if she was moving back home, even if it was to live with Ghengis Khan it would be OK. Besides, what are they going to say? He's NOT from a good family? Hehehehe. In the end all the family was concerned with was that we both happy and safe.
  2. YTB2Her


    Nope, after 9 years openly together as couple, and 35++ years in love, one of the sweetest things she says to me is "I love you, just 'cause, 'cuz!"
  3. Answer only the questions they ask, do NOT volunteer anything or do more than answer I.e. "Yes" or "no" unless absolutely necessary. If they do ask, answer with something simple like "yes, it's not illegal, is there a problem?" Good luck.
  4. You don't mention what part, let alone what country, of Europe you're from. IMHO you need to do some research, the figures are out there, on genetics. There's huge areas of Europe where for various reasons, isolation, genetics, religion, geography, etc. where someone who isn't married to a relative is in the minority.
  5. YTB2Her

    First cousins falling in love

    Sounds almost to the letter my own story. The short version? After 3 weekends together & countless hours long phone calls we decided to throw caution (and our lives) to the wind and she moved nearly 3,000 miles to move in with me (I had real estate investments, businesses, etc. and lived much closer to the family) and we became a 'couple' openly. It's now been nearly 6 years since then. We constantly look at each other and say something like "it's been how long??!!". Just the other morning, snuggled in bed on a rainy morning, realize,d that in all that time, neither one of us has had even a SINGLE angry word with the or at the other. Life is good!!!!