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  1. I finally figured out the toilet paper hording thing......... Somebody coughs and 10 people around them holy crapoly! themselves.
  2. YTB2Her

    Broke up

    If it helps any, our situation sounds a LOT like yours. My cousin & I both had serious reservations about the family's reactions to our relationship, and one was living in Vancouver and one in Toronto. In the end we decided that if she was moving back home, even if it was to live with Ghengis Khan it would be OK. Besides, what are they going to say? He's NOT from a good family? Hehehehe. In the end all the family was concerned with was that we both happy and safe.
  3. My first comment would be one of simple mathematics. You share a single common ancestor, your great-great-grandparent, their spouse (your other great grand parent) was unrelated to your DNA. Your respective grandparents shared 50% of their DNA because of dilution by their spouses. So then your respective parents shared 25% of their DNA because of dilution by their spouses. That being the case, you and your 'cousin' each share 12.5% of your DNA being diluted by your 'other' parents That being the case, if you and your 'cousin' had children they would share 6.25% of
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