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  1. Well we got some big news!! Her mother and father told her they knew we were in love and that they were ok with us they just want us to be happy and even asked of we would be getting married. I'm happier now then ever. Being accepted is one thing we were both worried about. Thank you for your kind words!!
  2. Also if anyone on here has children with their first cousin could you share some experiences please? Thanks!
  3. Both of our parents have a really strong feeling that something is going on however we haven't formerly told them. We are still planning on being together and moving in together as soon as we can coordinate everything. We arnt letting anyone stop us. I just recently visited her. Everything with her is so much more then any other relationship I've been in. I know when she kisses me that she loves me and when she looks at me I can tell that I have her heart and she has mine. We held hands and kissed in public for the first time. It was amazing!!!! I feel proud to call her mine and would stand in
  4. Sooo, my first cousin and I are currently 21 and 23. We live 500 miles apart. We have been close ever since we were around age 13. Since we lived so far apart we never really talked or hung out like I did with my other cousins. She and her family would come and visit every summer and Christmas. Ever since I can remember when I looked at her even as young teens/kids I knew I felt different about her then my other cousins, she was so beautiful. I remember her coming to visit I would get soo excited to see her and we would hang out every day she was here. And when she left I felt empty inside. I
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