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  1. KC: Your response is exactly why I responded the way I did. I really think she is just trying to get under our skin
  2. Does anybody else get confused with people asking stupid questions like this?
  3. Hmmm. I don't know. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't. I can't tell. She was quick to jump to the family tie. She turned down your offer to wait for her. I'm thinking, no. She has kids and that is her priority. Coming out of my divorce, even though I went out on dates my first year following, I didn't want a serious relationship and she may be in that exact situation following her breakup. I presume she broke up with her long term boyfriend? The father of her children?
  4. In the future Chanel, only post your question in one thread. There's no reason to post it multiple times. Sometimes it takes a day or two for folks around here to respond. And look through the information pages. Sometimes your question can be answered just by doing a little digging around here.
  5. Me likey. It looks very professional.
  6. Sorry it's been a while for this response; I've had technical difficulties with this site. I don't think you want advice, I think you want to vent.You state that you only want to be friends and at the same time say you "can't turn off an attraction". Which is it? Of course you can turn off an attraction; you stop communicating, stop talking, stop texting, and you move on. It takes time, but eventually you move on.
  7. So sorry you're going through all this. You haven't given us enough information to give you any advice. Surely there is more substantive information that you could tell us. I don't want to sound snarky, but what you've posted is something to gripe to your best friend about.
  8. But these patterns of communication are not unique to anyone. Everyone who has ever been in the dating scene has had interactions like this. EVERYONE has experienced similar confusion We deal with the patterns by completely walking away and moving on with life. You are allowing yourself to be confused by thinking that his patterns of behavior are unique to him and your situation. And you're allowing yourself to stay embroiled in what you perceive to be circumstances beyond your control. I guess I'm not really sure what kind of advice your looking for. What you are describing is typical jerk behavior. He knows you want more and so he'll go long periods without communication and then reach out to you; for what purpose? You will never be able to have open and free communication with him. I'm not sure why you would want to.
  9. You don't say a word to him. You're 14 and he's 20. And he's about to be married. And BTW, it was most inappropriate for him to give even a hint of attraction toward you. Wait 4 years and if you still have feelings for him and he is not married, come back here and we will steer you in the right direction.
  10. Right LadyC. People are very supportive of open relationships and polygamy - but mention cousins falling in love and you'd think that Florence Foster Jenkins had been nominated for a Grammy award. Ghastly!
  11. C'mom Pwitty, follow the rules of the game :wink: Using Sea Change as a starting point..... Change Purse
  12. The great thing about a child is that he doesn't care how rich, poor, educated or "together" you are. Kids just want to know the they are loved! You've been given a great gift here! Take those steps and start loving on this kiddo! You will never regret stepping up and taking responsibility for your own child - you will one day, however, regret not being a part of his life. PS - it always makes me a little crazy when the mom keeps a pregnancy from the father - you had a right to know all these years!
  13. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
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