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  1. Cousin Love

    No, it's not wrong, provided you are both free from other romantic entanglements and are old enough to be in a relationship.
  2. What should i do ?

    Ditto to everything Nat said. Whatever you do, don't make your move on social media. Be a man and tell her face to face how you feel. You can start with the tried and true "If we weren't cousins, I could see myself dating you" and then see where the conversation goes. But get to know her first.
  3. How to know if my cousin likes me?!

    My guess is that he is teasing you and that he only sees you as a cute little cousin and he is being an arse. Although I don't have your entire story, my instinct is telling me that you need to stay away from him. He sounds like trouble to me.
  4. hola

    Gotcha. I completely understand what you've posted in Spanish but don't have the language skills to respond with accuracy.
  5. hola

    Mi Espanol es malo. En Ingles por favor.
  6. Had to Get It Off My Chest. Nowhere Else to Turn

    As someone who waited nearly 30 years to marry my cousin, I'm going to encourage you to go for it. I noticed that your signature is Pilipino. I don't know what the social or legal norms are there concerning cousin marriages/relationships. Barring any legal complications, pursue this relationship in spite of the flack your family may give you. They don't get to decide your path to happiness. They don't have to walk in your shoes everyday. I've learned that my family doesn't truly wish me well due to their cold-shouldered response to my husband. That's their loss. Yes, it's easier to say that to accept - I still cry on occasion over their actions towards me. But ultimately, I am happier with my husband's love than with the conditional requirements of my family.
  7. Im in love with my first cross cousin..

    There are some folks from India who chime in here every now and then. I'm afraid I won't be much use to you as far as legalities are concerned but can only empathize with you and encourage you to do what you can to keep your love alive. Good luck!
  8. New here

    I've always railed against the genetics argument concerning cousin marriages. Ashkenazi Jews, African (Americans) and women over the age of 40 are not prevented from procreation despite their higher risk pool nor are they required to have genetic tests run prior to conception. Of course, part of me thinks that you are talking about a level and a half above what my brain can grasp....
  9. I know, I know. This guy has me riled up. I need to walk away.
  10. Oh, and BTW, I'm the one who kicked my ex's sorry a$$ to the curb. He was the desperate one who couldn't bear to be alone and found someone else while we were separated but STILL MARRIED. I was the strong and smart one who waited to get into another relationship. So, really, you shouldn't comment on things you have no idea about.
  11. Mentally challenged? I told you straight up what is what without resorting to name calling. Seems that makes me a bit more mature than others. Cousin marriage in OH is not legal. Are you married to her? No. Is she STILL MARRIED to someone else? Yes. Is her lawyer giving her good advice about your relationship? YES. YOU are the one who said that marriage is not necessarily in the cards for you, so any huffing and puffing that the HUSBAND may do is just that, huffing and puffing - unless of course OH's incest laws cover cousin relations. Pray tell, why is it obvious that you've met her kids? Because you've been sleeping with their MARRIED mother? And why is it so important to you that the kids "love you" and why have the kids developed enough of a relationship with you to "love you" if their mother is STILL MARRIED? Whysoever you may think that I am still pining for a man that treated my children with disregard is baffling. And though it is of no consequence, I have remarried - to a man who treated my children (nearly grown when we marriedd) with respect and would not have dreamed of sleeping with me if I were still married, as your current lover is.
  12. Her lawyer is telling her to stay away from you because SHE IS STILL MARRIED and needs to do what is best for the kids. Go screw yourself over the "The kids love me" BS. You are not their father and never will be so it doesn't matter one iota how much the kids love you. Sorry not sorry, but you've hit a hot button with me. As someone who went through a divorce and had her husband live with another woman that "the kids just loved" (they most definitely did not) pre-divorce, I will tell you straight up that you and her are doing these kids no favor. Why the hell have the kids even met you yet? Be a man for God's sake and back off the relationship until she is a free woman. You living happily ever after is of zero importance; these kids are of the utmost importance and the two of you are jeopardizing their happily ever after. Do all the petitioning you want to change the Ohio law - but of course if you want to even more negatively affect these kids and not marry, as you said you are not necessarily interested in doing, then you have no worries. Any other respectable lawyer is going to tell you the same thing this one is: Cool your jets. Ultimately, these kids come first - at least they should. If she is "your world" then you will do what's best for her, which is also what is best for her children. If you truly love her, then be willing to wait until you are both free and until you can figure out how to navigate this relationship. This may takes years. Do you love her enough to do what is right for her, even at the expense of your piddling happiness?
  13. I think my cousin wants me

    I have to agree with LadyC here. If you sleep with her now you will never know if she is more interested in you or in your money. You need to slow down.
  14. Aunt

    Walk away. Run away. Don't come near her. Don't be alone with her. Don't call or text or chat on social media. Block her phone number. Delete her phone number. Unfriend her on FB. Snapchat, and Twitter. Be mature and just don't.
  15. 2nd cousin daddy

    Tell him! There is no shame in who is Dad is; the shame is that you've waited years to tell him. How old is your son?
  16. Intro and thanks for this site

    Well, it sounds like you're off to a good start after all these years!
  17. Ex going for custody

    As far as I can tell, GA does not include cousins in their definition of incest. (Of course I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice). Get thee a lawyer pronto. No matter what accusations are thrown at you, if GA does not define incest as occurring between cousins, then no lawyer or judge has a legal leg to stand on. You don't have to put up with this outrageous behavior. Stand strong. The law is behind you (as far as I can tell).
  18. Ex going for custody

    Tell your ex to go kiss your arse and bring on the custody battle. If the state allows the marriage, you are fine. You are not married to your cousin, so you are fine. He's huffing and puffing but as soon as he speaks to a lawyer (which I doubt he will ever do), he will be told that doesn't have a leg to stand on. So go lock yourself in the bathroom with your cousin and make out all you want.
  19. Could it be im falling in love

    It's never easy to resist feelings for someone, but you know what's right and I'm confident you will continue to do the right thing.
  20. Cousin feelings

    Then tell her. Start with, "If we weren't cousins, I could see us dating" and then see where it goes.
  21. Cousin has me wondering...

    O Lordt. Either talk to this girl and see if there is any interest in you or just stop flirting with her. You are never going to know what is possible if you don't talk. FWIW, I know that texting is the preferred mode of communication between you young'uns, but just talk to her. Either in person or pick up the phone and use it for its original purpose,
  22. Could it be im falling in love

    Here's your sign form God: Exodus 20:17 You shall not commit adultery Or how about this sign: I Cor 10: 17 No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, will provide a way out so that you can endure it. Stop texting him. Why did you even begin? You are playing with fire and if you don't stop immediately, one or both of you will get burned.
  23. Cousin feelings

    What do you mean you've been living together? Are you merely roommates or what?
  24. Feeling hopeless

    I can sense that you are hurting terribly and I don't want you to feel like I am adding coals to the fire; but I am going to speak very bluntly to you. He gave you a ring? Big deal. Men have been known to do that just to keep a woman hanging around. If he really loved you he would've moved out of the shadows and into the light of your love. You deserve so much better than what you have settled for. When you are able to think more clearly, really look at your relationship objectively. He cheated on you with several women (some that you know of) - that's why he was so paranoid about his phone. And yet you forgave him time after time. You didn't ask for much in the relationship and that is exactly what you got. He found a woman who would cook and clean for him and spend the night in his bed and that suited him just fine and dandy. But since you didn't demand commitment from him, he didn't give it to you. The hurt and pain will ease. I promise. But when that happens, what kind of woman do you want to be? Do you want to be a woman whose happiness is dependent upon the attention of a man? Or do you want to be a woman who can complement a relationship with a man? A woman who brings strength and decisiveness and a quick sting of a reply when your man is being a pain in the a$$? Don't allow yourself to be anything except the beautiful, genuine spirit that God created, Find someone to talk to about all of this. A friend, a pastor, a rabbi, a professional; someone who will speak the truth in love to you, as I hope you understand I've done just now.
  25. Feeling hopeless

    I'm sorry this happened to you. The truth is that a man who will hang on year after year without a commitment is never going to commit. You've been used terribly and I hate that. This will take a while to get over. In the meantime, may I humbly suggest that you do some serious soul-searching and understand why you let a man use you like this? That way when Mr. Right does come along you will be ready to embrace it fully.