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  1. my parents were first cousins.  i didn't find out until i was 14.  i have a brother, and he and i are both healthy happy individuals.  i'm glad my parents were brave enough to follow their hearts, get married, and start our family.  however, when i was 7, my parents divorced.  the damage to the family was catastrophic.  my grandmothers were sisters, and each essentially ended up cutting out the other side.  my family was so divided that i would never have dreamed that they were cousins in a million years.  i think it's wonderful to fall in love, but if you're going to marry your cousin and start a family, give the damage you could cause by not staying together serious thought.  of course, no one plans to divorce, but still...i wish my family could still be as close as it was when my parents were growing up. 

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