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  1. This is an amazing story...I envy you. You are a very lucky person. GO FOR IT, DON'T THINK TWICE ABOUT IT
  2. What exactly is HIS situation like? Did he finish school? Does he have a job? Does he live on his own? Is he willing to help provide for you where your parents would not? You may be able to make this work and still go to college...it's hard to put these kinds of feelings on hold because they will torment you for years, especially if you feel he is the one.
  3. I'm also very happy to hear this story...but just wondering, what happened with the parents? The parents were something you feared, I guess you guys just ignored them entirely? One word of advice...don't let anything ruin this, if she is truly the person that you feel most complete with. Make as many sacrifices as you need to make, don't let little petty issues ruin your relationship. Also your message was posted Aug 5th, just wondering what the update is on this...I'm curious to know.
  4. Honestly what I think is... Yeah she is in a relationship but I don't think because of this, you shouldn't tell her how you feel. Continuously hitting on her while she is in a relationship is probably not the way to go, but I don't think her being in a relationship should hold back your confession. Just throw it out there...you should still tell her that you respect that she is in a relationship, but I'd also tell her you just can't continue to hide your feelings. And of course, let her know that regardless of what she thinks/decides, your friendship (non-romantically) will never disappear and you'll always be there for her.
  5. I would have to say, DO NOT AVOID HER. Your friendship should not change with this, always keep in touch... Also I'm not so sure it's hopeless just because you're both married. The question is, are you happier with your cousin or your spouse? This is probably something both have to discuss some more. Don't avoid her...
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