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  1. I will do that gyran! Ya. Now it's not the right time to confess yet. About her parents, I got that covered. What you say is right. Get hold of them to like you and trust you. Know you well enough like their own son. Well, her parents call me out for dinner once in a while without her(overseas studying) as I live like 10 minutes away from them. But sometimes it's weird that when I out with her parents, I don't know what to talk about. Everything just seems dull and boring. I've run out of ideas what to talk about. But I do notice one thing, once in a blue moon our parents meet, normally her
  2. Well, it is but it's too long to do that because it could take up to weeks to receive the letter so yeah.
  3. Same goes to me. I'm going to confess to her once I start working and in a very stable position and hopefully by then she'll take it more seriously. But about the parents part, I really don't think that they'll accept it. And I'm afraid that she'll be influenced by them. What if the parents don't allow. The whole family relationship won't be that good anymore. But for now, I'm doing my very best to impress her parents and their parents like me. Well maybe they just see me as their nephew. And she always joke whenever she's around me saying that if she meets someone, she'll introduce me as he
  4. True. But I'm a bit of the shy type. So if I were to reveal it, it'll seem like I'm in love with her. Which I am currently. I'll still tell her I miss her and all. Will try my best. I can't really see myself with her in the future because even if things do happen, it's gonna be tough. With the family and all. But if she were to marry someone else, or let say she's dating someone else, my heart will break and shatter into pieces. I planned if she really marry someone else and staying in the same country, the following day after her wedding day, I'll get out of the country and look for a job s
  5. She's doing her practical in hospitals. Final year medical student. That's why. And when she goes home, she'll be studying. Actually she can find time for me if she wants to but I don't know how to make her to do so. I haven't told her about me missing her and stuffs. I was about to when she got back but she still haven't reply my previous message yet till now so I'll hold on to it first. I'm afraid that things will be awkward after I express my feelings towards her. You kept on calling her and won't she be annoyed ? Unless she knows that you have feelings for her and she has the feelin
  6. That's a good idea. But the closest I've done before this is email. We send like long emails. But that was long time ago. But now that she's busy, that's the main problem of it all. I've run out of idea unless she feels the same about me. I don't know what to do next. Hmm
  7. It's not that I don't want to communicate with her. I used to text her but then it'll take forever for her to reply because she's busy like all the time with her studies and all. I don't mind spending the money to get in touch with her, it's just that the time is the problem. I feel bad to text her all the time because there was this one time after I text her and I don't contact her after that, then when I wanted to text her again few days later, I saw the last time she on was the last time we texted. I feel very bad after that. She did put in effort to find time for me but I'm afraid that she
  8. I'm Sean, 20 and I'm in love with my cousin who is 2 years older than I am and she is currently studying abroad. She is my mother's sister only daughter. We're both single. I don't really know how to start but here goes. I had feelings for her since a few years ago and I'm not so sure whether she realize about it and/or feel the same way too. There was this one time, like 3 years ago, when we met at her house as she came back from overseas, it was very awkward till that we don't even talk when we meet, I even blush and we avoided each other. After a year, we became closer somehow. We skype
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