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  1. Shrimp dish

    I saw this on an episode of bizarre foods America and I'm going to try it soon. Cook shrimp completely, then freeze it with liquid nitrogen. Put the shrimp in a blender and blend until it's turned into a white, fluffy powder. Serve on a small saucer, topped with a baked shrimp puff. I'll make it and let everyone know how it turns out.
  2. i'm craving....

    Right now, I'm craving something fried. I think I'll make some fried chicken for sis and myself.
  3. i'm craving....

    I see I'm not the only one who adds pepper to their hit chocolate
  4. This is what i made yesterday!

    Omg that looks amazing
  5. That sounds delicious :9 All of those natural sweets, mixed with the sweetness of the chocolate.
  6. Growing herbs?

    At home,I always have a garden in the summer. A whole corner of it is devoted to just herbs and spices. My favorite is rosemary, but I have a few this summer. I also have basil, dill, coriander, sage and I've been trying saffron. The saffron I bought as sprouts, to take some of the guesswork out. The others,I sprouted in a planter/incubator then transferred to the ground. They've all been doing very well. My peppers include the Carolina Reaper (HP22B), Thai chilies, habaneros, jalapenos and green bell peppers.
  7. Favourite herbs?

    My favorite is rosemary. Goes great with a few dishes. Poultry, pork, beef. Good all around.
  8. Delicious (but not very healthy)

    I saw this on an episode of food paradise. It's called the Tempura Burger. You cook a burger patty to your desired temperature, then dip the patty in tempura batter. Fry the patty til golden brown, build your burger with whatever fixings you like, serve with fries. Vegetarians can substitute the meat burger with a veggie patty. Like I said, delicious, but not very healthy.
  9. Sushi?

    I love sushi. Especially the spicy tuna rolls. My friend makes a dipping sauce with shallots and peppers in it that is perfect for sushi or fried finger foods like yaki mandu.
  10. yum yum yum

    I've had them and made them. I use a breading of bisquick, salt & pepper, a little paprika and a small dash of very finely ground rosemary. I fry them in peanut oil. Great for a little snack.
  11. Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone We're currently enjoying cool, rainy weather.
  12. New mobile theme

    The full site always crashes my phone's browser. The mobile site seems to be working 100%
  13. What inspired your username?

    I would think yours would be obvious here
  14. Brownies

    I was planning on making walnut brownies and putting ice cream on top when they come out of the oven. Maybe with some caramel drizzled on top of the ice cream. Yes, my sweet tooth is acting up :azn: