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  1. Wow you guys are both Christians that's awesome that's going to go a long way for you guys.
  2. Hello does anyone know why there is such a stigma against cousin marriages is it because people are just misinformed I me how did this become such a taboo in the west, and why do people frown upon this type of union I don't understand.
  3. Thank you so much Lady this is so helpful. We are pursuing marriage soon, and are in hopes that we can do by next month or even January. But we have yet to speak to our pastors. God is so good as He has shown us that this is His will, and confirm and shown us in so many ways, We just told our families a few weeks ago and have gained their support praise God. We do sense that we should be getting married soon but were not sure how they will respond.
  4. We're looking for Christian couples who are married or who have a desire to. We would like to here from your experiences talking to your pastors and family members regarding your relationship with your cousin. Thank you and God Bless you.
  5. Is there any way I can contact someone through email or phone who is a Christian and has married there first cousin?
  6. Congratulations I commend u 4 ur boldness my God bless ur marriage
  7. Hello I and my cousin are in love and were dating and I'm just looking for someone who is in the same situation for council. We are both Christians and are looking for believers or anyone else who is in the same situation who could tell us about their experience and to learn from their wisdom. Please this is could be very helpful, since we've never both been in this situation before. Thank u and God Bless
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