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  1. Sorry for taking soo long to respond. Well basically me and my cousin had it all, best friend, lovers, humor, anger, and we grew it all in only a months of knowing eachother. Well we were short of a year and he lost it all for me. And i still have it for him. But i've lost him
  2. Thank you so much Caro, I'm trying very hard. This Friday will be a month since the break up and so far nothings been easier. As for you Soulfighter, i wish you the best.
  3. We both had the same pull feeling. Now we don't :/
  4. I'm going through the same thing, My 2nd cousin and i were together a lil short of a year, we were engaged, planning our future together. But i had done alittle flirting on the side and he found out. I never cheated just talked a lil more than i should've, honestly i don't know why i did it. He lost a lot of love and respect for me, but most of all trust. Things got way different and i realized he didn't want to hold on but i did. So i broke it off with him, i hve been the one upset and feel like death for the past two weeks, while him in two weeks has realized how happy he was with me, fell out of love with me, infact he states he doesn't love me at all, and he doesn't care about me at all. He has gotten a new girlfriend who has a child, when he didn't even want children, and she lives in his development. The only thing that came out of it good is my families happy cause i'm not dating someone they never excepted. I've been mad, sad, and now mad again. I hate my family for i feel this is all there fault cause they prayed we wouldn't be together and never treated us like normal people. This is the worst pain i've ever been in, i've never loved someone so much, never. and btw he's 22 and i'm 20.
  5. Well if its that easy then why can't you do it?
  6. I'd love for you to mail it to me! I don't know if i could do that, but i could try! I think it should be youtubed also.
  7. Yeah, he has a website with all the episodes but none of my computers a use throughout the day will play it for me I was really hoping to see it!
  8. I have been looking for it alll day! i'd love to see it. Hope someon can find it.
  9. I saw that one, I was talking about the Montel Williams Show - Not 20/20
  10. As these two have mentioned, you both are over 30, why on earth are you listening to your mother about being able to see him? I'm only 20 years of age and when my parents tried telling me how to live my life with my second cousin I surely showed them who ran my life and when i did they have became more opened to the fact that i'm old enough to make my own decisions. And as for him, I do understand him not wanting to make his parents upset, for no one wants to hurt the people who raised them, but if he truely loves you then he would be finding it well worth it to inform them on his life decisions he wants to make. LadyC has written up a really good letter that i wish even I got to use that's on this website, maybe you should check it out and tell him about it ( Just and idea ). But on another note, hope everything works out for the best for you two!
  11. Thank you so much for your insight LadyC! I will think a lot more into it instead of jumping to the gun. I have a question, I tried looking up your episode on the Montel William Show and i can't find it. I'd love to see it and compare it to the one you did on 20/20, So if you wouldn't mind and if there is anyway you could post it on here so myself and maybe others could watch it that would be great! Thanks Pwitty93
  12. Honestly i do not know what to expect, I just know i'm not ashamed of what i'm doing.
  13. Pwitty93


    Hello, Me and my 2nd cousin have been dating on and off for 8 months now. He broke my heart for a few days and i have broken his. It is a terrible pain and i can't imagine going through it again. It is one of the most worse break ups. I felt like biggest piece of me was missing and i had never felt numb before that time period in my life. And with your family i know how your feeling, when these two times happened my parents and some friends acted like they were happy and trying to tell me negative things about him when they didn't even now him. (family fuid a longggg time ago, back before my boyfriend was born). I would tell me myself hey, well now i can find someone i can actually have around in my parents home again and live life easier. But i knew not even an easy life was better than being with him. Well enough about me, sorry. Just take it day by day, maybe he will wake up and realize like my cousin/boyfriend did. But if he doesn't, all i can say is time really does heal all and he just wasn't the one.
  14. Well, educate him with different sources about cousin relationships and put ease to his mind with that. Then let the rest fall in to place with knowing you two can have a normal relationship.
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