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  1. I don't know if i could or could not ever get over my cousin love. But i sure don't want to find out!
  2. Why am i on this site? I am on this site simply to not feel alone. I don't really care what others think for no one will know except for my close friend and they except it. I simply wanted to know more into what i was doing, and it's nice to not feel like your the only on this earth or like a complete freak for loving the person i do. And it just amazes me to hear other peoples stories, I LOVE IT! What have i don to be with my cousin? I haven't made many sacrifices for my cousin. I sacrificed me being accepted by my family anymore for what i was doing with him. Uhm, i got kicked out for 5 months after my parents found out. I guess really thats about it.
  3. I told my 2nd cousin when we were really drunk in a motel room and he was suppose to be trying to get with my best friend, lol. But in the end it all worked out. almost 8 months later and were still together Just do it!
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