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  1. So very happy for you two ! I'm glad things turned out well with your parents ! You guys are very VERY lucky to have such kind, loving and understanding parents ! Good luck to you and best wishes in your journey together ! ~<3
  2. I always love hearing stories on this site ! It makes me happy to know there are other couples like us ~! Im happy you guys can even be holding hands in public now, we still haven't done that.....but I imagine how nervous I'll be. Heh :embarrassed: We both used to get so excited to visit each other when we were kids as well. ^__^ Now we can see each as much as we like and I love him so much, a minute with him is never a minute wasted. Ahhh I love the kid~<3 :kiss: Anyways, I'm wishing you both the very best of luck, don't let anyone tear you apart ! <3 P.S. Mind sharing how it g
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