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  1. Hi LadyC our whole family is Christians, and in India Christians don't marry their first cousins, I never heard of Christian couple marriages when I was in India, but I know first cousin marriages are not prohibited in Bible. But when I tell them about our relation then am pretty sure they will cut all contacts between us, I don't think from then I will be able to talk to her ever again, and she has a brother and we are best friends, and am pretty sure when I tell him abut this he will accept our relation ship and will support us. Am so concerned about our family and I want every one to be together happily, but along with that I wont sacrifice my love to her for this and I want her so badly in my life and she wants the same. ....thank you very much I really appreciate your reply.
  2. After going through all the posts I thought if I shared my story here then I will get answer for the one question that I have been trying to answer my self or to make a decision.... Am from south India from a state Kerala, am in love with my first cousin and we are of same age 18 and we are Christians. I had feelings to her for about 3 years, but I didn't told her about it because we were best friends and was very close to each other and I don't want to ruin the good relation we had. Like 2 weeks ago she told me about a guy who wants to date her, from then I had a feeling of loosing her she was more than a best friend for me and I don't know whether she has the same feelings for me that I have to her. And next day while we were having a conversation about our marriages, she told me that if we weren't cousins then she would have married me. From then I understood she had feelings for me and she likes me but the only problem bothering us is that we are cousins......and I couldn't fall asleep that night.......inside I had a bad feeling of loosing the right girl, who knows me very well and still likes me. So the very next day I told her about my feelings for her and she told me she have the same feeling for me.......and so we decided have a relation and will face the problems on as they come. Now we are so madly in love with each other and now nothing can take us apart. But am little confused about the problem we gonna face when our family finds out about our relation or when we tell them when the time comes and am pretty sure our family won't accept it so we have to move away from our family and along with that we are concerned about breaking all the trust they have on us. So I have a questions to my self should I make myself happy or should I make my family happy.....either I choose I have to make some sacrifice for something good....but I can't even think of loosing my girl so I decided to live my life with the best girl I will get from this earth for me because my family want me to be happy and the only way right now to make me happy is a life with my love. So am at U.S now currently enrolled in college and my girl is in India enrolled in college for medicine. So after she gets a job as a doctor I am planing to bring her here and marry her. Am confused of one more thing should I tell my family about our relation before or after our marriage. And am afraid of the shames my family gonna get if the community we live came to know about our marriage. Guys if you can give some ideas, by which I can marry my girl and keep my family happy I appreciate it very much and help us to believe the decision we took to be together is the right one.....thank you
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