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  1. bled413

    Would it be "bad" not telling them?

    I agree you should live life on your own terms, thats why im glad i asked my gf/cousin out on a date. That was 5 years ago last week. I couldnt be happier. Were in our 50s now and not much family left but most of the ones left know and accept us. Dont waste time, be happy now.
  2. bled413

    My cousin won't marry me.

    Happy Easter to you too. I've wanted to tell my mom from day 1, but she is scared of her reaction. I don't think it'll be as bad as she thinks, more of a big surprise, and I have heard her react with an "eeewwwww" before when reading about other cousins in the paper so it may not be as pleasant as we want. I keep threatening my cousin that I'm going to tell my mom anyway. I know I can't make everyone happy so I think I'll just do that. My mom lives a couple of hours away but we get together once in a while for birthdays and stuff. The time is nigh!
  3. Hi, my cousin and I have been together for 3 years. On our 1 year anniversary, I proposed to her and she said yes. After some time I would ask her "when are we going to get married?". She would always say "soon". Then, about 2 months ago I asked her again. She said soon. I looked at her and said, "we're not going to get married are we?!" She told me no. It broke my heart, but we haven't broken up, we're still together, we live together, our relationship is great, but she's not ready. I know she's afraid to get married because when we do, I'm going to tell my mother about us. I love my mother I couldn't get married (for the 1st time, I'm 48 now she's 50) without telling her. Her parents (my aunt) are both passed. My mother grew up in a very religious house. (Her parents Are baptist ministers) she's more open now that she's older but it still scares my beautiful cousin.she says someday we will get married. I guess I just have to be patient with my beautiful 1st cousin whom I am deeply in love with. Wish me luck.
  4. bled413

    Do you/have you regularly said "I love you"?

    I am madly in love with my cousin. I tell her a million times a day that I love her, and I mean it! We've been together over 2 yrs and I know we'll be together forever.
  5. bled413

    Goodbye Cousin Couples

    Wow! Although im glad shes happy now, I just couldnt imagine being without my cousin. I love her so much. It has been the happiest relationship of my life. One of the fears that I have is that what if we do break up, then what! Will it be awkward? Yea, I wonder sometimes, but I will never find out. (Knock on wood)
  6. bled413

    introducing myself

    WOW, this sounds like me a few years ago. I finally broke bown and told my cousin that I love her. It was a little weird at first, but then we started talking more and more. Now, im in the best relationship of my life. Its worth the risk...TAKE IT!
  7. bled413

    how to tell your mom

    My cousin and I have been together for 2 years. We are talking about getting married but are afraid to tell my mom (her aunt). My mom is pretty religious, but open minded too. So Im not sure how she will react. This letter is great. It has everything I want to say. When the time comes, I will copy this and give it to her. Thanks for the great idea.
  8. Ive been with my first cousin for almost 2 years. I hope to marry her soon.