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  1. hulladaemon

    Female 2nd cousin

    ? have made a huge mistake. I have told her we need some time to think about our relationship. Two days later I called her I miss her. She told me she doesn't want to meet me till sunday. I know I was a dick to tell her that. How should I correct? I still want to be with her, but I thought she didn't ready.
  2. hulladaemon

    Female 2nd cousin

    I'm sorry about to forgot the location, so we are from Hungary (Europe) where local laws said that only a relationship between straight relatives (siblings, mother-son, father-daughter, etc.) is banned, but according to "traditional law" we are too close relatives to have children in the.future because of genetic problems. If she were a 3rd cousin there would be no problem about this. But we are lightyears from this question. Yesterday (31.10.2013.) her mother told her we should not get closer than friends. But she wants the same as I, so let's rock
  3. hulladaemon

    Female 2nd cousin

    Hi there, everyone! I've met my never seen before second cousin in this year's August. She asked my full name, then she told me we are relatives. We have had a small chat personally (~1hr), then she add me on Fb. Months came after months, we have not talked to each other. On last week' Wednesday I sent her a short message we should meet. She accepted it. One hour later we were in a pub and talking, and talking.... I told her I cannot look at her as a relative, but as a hot woman. She has the same feeling towards me. Her mother knows we meet each other, but she doesn't know how both we feel. The girl is 18 and I'm 24. Her mother told her we are too close relatives to have more than friendship. Few days later her mother told her "Kinda pity he's your cousin, isn't it?". She replied with a single "Yeah", because her mother wanted to hear that, I guess. All in all: She (cousin) wants the relationship, but fears her side of family's reaction. I want to be with Her and I do not want to lose Her. Thanks alot for any advice or opinion! PS: There was more than an innocent kiss.