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  1. Me and my second cousin on my moms side have been close ever since he reunited with our family. When he was 2 he was adopted by another family, but in 2009 I met him for the first time. We automatically became favorite cousins... he would share everything with me, I would share everything with him. We were best friends. He was the closest person to me. In August 2013, we had sex for the first time. We were both drunk when it first happened, but we continued to do it multiple times. During those times he would ejaculate inside me. I did not get pregnant the first few times. I asked him to stop "cumming" inside me, but he kept doing it... He asked if I wanted him to cum in me while we were having sex, I said yes a few times... He even got mad when I would push him out of me when he was ejaculating... I asked him if he wanted me to get pregnant. He replied " I do, but I don't because of what everyone is going to say and do.". Even though he was unsure about if he wanted to get me pregnant, he still kept ejaculating in me. I told him that if I get pregnant, I am NOT getting an abortion.... He still continued to cum inside me. I continued to let him. Now I am 5 weeks pregnant!! I just got off the phone with my mother and I told her that im pregnant by my cousin and im keeping it, she flipped and said she cannot accept my decision or the baby because its disgusting. My cousin is now ignoring me and wants nothing to do with me or the baby. He's being very immature about the situation. what should I do?
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