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  1. We just got a first negative response.....I told her brother I was going bird hunting. And that I'd probably be going with his sister! He said as "Long as your not sharing the same hunting cabin it'd be alright. Otherwise it's sick and yucky". I told him we had separate outhouses........
  2. For all of you guys out there that struggle with being truthful about your love for your cousin and the implications that go along with it. Tell those in doubt that your just going to be her sperm donor at the sperm bank. Watch their mouths drop. I'm to old to raise a two headed baby but she still has the energy.
  3. Tap tap tap......My cousin has a pre canceerous condition....we can't touch each other the way want to....but we love each other unconditionally....we took a hot air balloon ride over Boise a month ago....if you could see the glow on her face....you wouldn'nt need a story line. Her face was it...
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