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  1. Someday it will happen. I'm in a state where it's illegal for us to get married even when we're old enough.
  2. Hey Atom. First off, great job on working on gettin yourself healthy! I'm 15, too, and believe me I know how easy it can be to, umm, think with the wrong head. I've gotta tell you though, there are things about a relationship that are WAY more important than sex. If I'm counting right, when this all happened you were 13 and your cousin was 12. That's just when the hormones are revving into high gear, lol. From the way it sounds to me, you aren't wanting a real relationship with this girl, only something that you haven't managed to get from anyone else. My advice would be to stop trying to get sex from girls and concentrate more on building a good relationship. No matter if the girl is your cousin or a girl from your school. Also, would you please refrain from using bad language? This ain't a locker room and there are ladies present. Good luck, Dude.
  3. From what I've found, this looks like an April Fool's prank. If there's something else on the internet that I missed, please point me to it.
  4. mojo

    I like my cousin

    Dang, I got tired just reading this, lol. Throw in some punctuation, dude. If your cuz has a boyfriend I don't think it'd be a good idea to tell her you like like her. Just sayin.
  5. I agree with the two previous posters. I'd also like to remind you that a crush, even though it's a really intense feeling, is totally different from love.
  6. Hi. What was your dad saying during his rant? I mean, what were his specific objections to cousin couples in general?
  7. I'm not really sure what you said, but, Dude, you're 16. You don't need to be proposing to anyone yet. Sorry if my ignorance of your culture is showing, but I'm 15 and I know I'm not ready for that. You need to be this girl's friend and then who knows what might happen down the road when you're both old enough. Sorry that probably wasn't what you wanted to hear, but I do wish you luck and happiness.
  8. It seems to me that someone who loves you wouldn't try to blackmail you, and putting a time limit on your decision is exactly that. High pressure sales sucks.
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