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  1. Thunder

    Rejected by cousin....

    Haha yea shooting hoops is the only thing that keeps my mind off her Dw bro, I hope things between you two work out for the best Thanks But tbh, we r still not back at the same friendship level yet. However, she did initiate contact me to ask how I am doing. So thats a start!
  2. Thunder

    Rejected by cousin....

    Wow, I sure hope I get over her soon....but I fear the longer I stay away from her, the more awkward our friendship will become... Pooch, Haha yea KD for mvp! How did u know? And thanks for the advice everyone
  3. Thunder

    Rejected by cousin....

    Funny you mention basketball...cuz thats exactly what I played to get my mind off her :cheesy: However, I still miss her everyday...more as a friend than anything. I don't really know how long a 'break' Im supposed to take before initiating contact with her...
  4. Thunder

    Rejected by cousin....

    Hey everyone, First off, if anyone is interested in the whole story behind me and my cousin...here it is http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?topic=6751.0 Recently, I decided I couldnt take it anymore and decided to confess to my cousin that I hav strong feelings for her. She was a bit shocked at first and was a little weird-ed out. She said she saw me as a little brother and cant feel the same way even if she wanted to. That was one of the hardest moments of my life. I couldnt stop crying that night because I felt I lost a friend too. However, she texted me the next day to "check up" on me and I told her I dont want to lose our friendship because of my feelings. She said she doesnt want to either but suggested I take a break from her to figure it out before we go back to normal but I hav a feeling we cant ever be the same way again. Im really depressed these days. Funny thing is...whenever I felt that way, I would talk to my cousin and it would make me feel better but now I lost that with her..... Any tips on how to get thru and move on?
  5. Good Luck to u bro...if she doesnt feel the same way, make sure u retain the friendship bond u guys have I confessed to my cousin recently but it didnt go that well....but she said we can still be friends so knowing that can be a comforting
  6. Thanks for the help Missy!! Im glad it worked out with your cousin I plan on telling her on Valentines day that Im gonna hav to go off the radar for a while to figure some stuff out. About a year ago, when I talked to her about a crush I was trying to get over, she made me promise to her that "I will get over the any girl who does not like me for who I am". So on the 14th, I could tell her part of the reason I'm gonna back off is cuz Im trying to keep a promise I made her. Depending on her response, I might admit my feelings. Thoughts?
  7. Thunder

    In need of help!

    Haha well Im not at that stage yet, so I cant give u much advice. But I would say give it atleast a year or maybe more. In the end, its something u hav to decide according to the present circumstances. I think when u reach the point where you're comfortable with and can tolerate all the flaws of your partner (for the rest of your life) is a good sign to move on in the relationship Btw, any advice for me? http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?topic=6751.15 :tongue:
  8. Thunder

    What should I do? Stay or leave?

    Firstly, I am so sorry for what you're going thru. It made me really sad to hear it If what u said is tru, then the way your family is treating u right now is unacceptable. No doubt. Is your cousin a first or second cousin? If so, what I would do is talk to him and discuss all this with him. Then see if he can get his parents to talk to your parents about the relationship u guys hav since it seems like his parents are more accepting of this. U need to show your parents cousin relationships arnt bad in any way shape of form. Try to hav a calm discussion with them and get your cousins parents involved. I really hope everything works out for u Best Wishes
  9. Mr. Silent, my heart feels for u bro. Look on the bright side, atleast u guys still hav strong cousin relationship. This tells me that your cousin does not want to lose as her best cousin. Honestly, if I were u, I would try to get over her cuz she clearly said she doesnt feel the same way. But what gives me hope in your case is that she's still acting the same way towards u (Am I right?). So if u really think u can move on, then u have a long and hard battle ahead of u which u might not win. So u need to think hard about this decision. If u want to continue to pursue her, then I would say just be your old self for now and hope for the best in the future. Good Luck! PS: Muslims are allowed to marry first cousins as the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) himself married one
  10. Thunder

    So... I'm really confused

    It seems that you're going thru a lot. I don't really know wat else to say except best of wishes and good luck bro. Btw, forget what others are saying about u and your cousin. What matter is how you feel. From the sounds of it, it does look like u hav strong feelings for her. Since she has a bf now, u gotta be patient now and just be by her side when she needs u. One day hopefully, u will get the chance to express your true feelings towards her :smiley:
  11. Thunder

    Please help me iam confused....

    Bro, for now I would say don't mention her your feelings. U said she has finals coming up so dont bother her too much yet be supportive and encouraging. Let things calm down a little bit, try getting to know her as a friend and let her do the same. I do believe if u just continue being her friend, she will give u a 'second chance'. One day, when u guys hav bonded as really close friends, u can approach her about the topic again in a subtle manner. For now, u just gotta be patient
  12. Hey everyone! Here's the update on my situation: My cousin and I continued our daily talks as usual over text but recently I really started noticing that when I am talking to her I feel really happy but right after I do...I feel miserable. Since she hasn't shown any more new signs that she might be interested in me as more than a cousin, I have a decision to make... which I need help in making. My one choice is to keep talking to her like I have been and live in pain hoping one day she might express her feelings as more than cousin (assuming she doesn't atm). My other, more riskier, choice is to stop our daily conversations so I can essentially get over her...which definitely won't be easy but might be for the best. Thanks and I appreciate any advice! PS: I love how people here give their time and experienced advice to help others out. U guys rock!
  13. Thunder

    In need of help!

    Interesting....u know I really hate it when we cant do something not because its wrong but just because society or your family in this case is looks down upon it. But yea u really need to find out if he really loves you before going public cuz from wat I read, he's feelings for u do not seem well defined. Btw, im curious... wat province r u from? Im from Ontario :grin:
  14. Dude, not saying no ones gonna reply, but u need to talk more straight to the point so its easier for people who want to help. Also, read over wat u wrote to make sure it makes sense. For now, just wait for her reply and let us know wat happens. Keep it short and sweet Good Luck
  15. Thunder

    What should I do?

    From how I see it, start talking to her and see how shes talking back to you. If u really want to know if shes seeking forgiveness, just ask! When the topic comes up, just be like "So do u feel bad for wat u did?" or something like that. If u find out she doesnt even feel guilty for wat she did, I would say she doesn't deserve your forgiveness as she clearly doesn't realize wat she did to you.