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  1. most probably , by the way he talked to you, he knows about Ur relationship with his son..and he seems to be totally cool with it, don't worry so much, once you move into his house , he might show positive signs towards your relationship with ur cousin , maybe directly or indirectly, but be as normal as you can , coz if u don't, u might stir up stupid emotions in him which might lead him to  be the barrier in ur relationship

    Love is the most beautiful thing in this world... It will surely not let you down

  2. thanks for the piece of advice.. I really  needed it, but still the stupid thoughts just come again and again, i do despise myself for apologizing so much, coz i know its very irritating, but i just can't afford to loose a cousin like her

  3. i'am really in an awkward position... I've started apologizing to my second cousin, just coz i think i had said something stupid to her the last tym we met,  and i don't know  what she thinks about me nw , with all the apolegetic msgs i've been sending her, i txt her saying  i'am sorry for saying this and that , and then she txts back saying i'am being stupid, that i shudn't apologize this much..  i didn't know she existed and neither did she untill earlier this year. And since then we have just met two times  one being in the start of the year and the other being just a few days ago, and i really like her (not sure that i have a crush on her)so i can't stand the thought of her hating me for some reason ,Nw the thing is that i can't say if she really meant what she txtd or  she  sent that just for namesake  :(

  4. when u know positively that she is attracted to you.... Go for it .. But slowly.. Because one stupid step might ruin everything... So go carefully and tell her... Age  is not a barrier between lovers.. Think over it and go

  5. i do try concentrating on stuffss like schooling and all.... But the thought of them hating me just comes crawling up my back.... It gets me like a devil... And they are fyi  the same age as me..... And thats what bothers me ... Coz if i loose p of my age ... Then think where i wud get stuck

  6. hello i'am a 17year old boy.. I like all my cousins.... I  talk to thm whenever i get a chance ... I talk to them out of happiness and affection of seeing them... But some ppl take it in the wrong way, not my cousins though.. So i stop talking, then the nxt tym i talk to my cousins  i get real nervous, bt i manage... when we leave , i wonder if i had sais something stupid or rude,, so i txt them and apologize, if they dnt reply i get tensed  thinking they hate me  and i apologize to them again and again.... , so i dun no what or how they think of me... That really gets on my nerves

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