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  1. Ok this is going to be a long story but don't worry I'll put a tl;dr at the end. BTW this girl is my second cousin. I am 19(male) and my cousin is 18(female) and we have been extremely close our entire lives. I see her about 10 times a year but only at family events (birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc.) She has always given me hints that she likes me like when she lays on me if we're watching a movie, holding my hand when no one else is paying attention, or even kissing me when it's just me and her (very rare). Whenever these things happen I get the butterflies and I'm pretty sure she does to, but I've never been able to approach her about a relationship or sex. I have always wished we could be together but I'm too afraid of the backlash my family will have on me. I fear that I will be looked upon as filth for dating anyone considered family, and I don't want to be dissowned because I truly love my family and enjoy spending time with them. In two weeks she is coming to stay at my house for winter break for a week, and will be sleeping in my bed the whole course of her stay. (i'll be on the floor lol) How do I handle this? If I asked her to be in a relationship or to have sex I'm pretty sure she would say yes but I don't want things to get awkward or have her think I'm weird for asking. I don't know what to do I'm just really confused at this point. tl;dr: My second cousin is coming to stay at my house for a week and will be sleeping in my room, what do I do?
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