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    Like an angel

    You're my angel You're my love You're the one I thank up above for I love you so Please don't let me go Always know I love you I know I'm unworthy of your love Like a fallen angel unworthy of gods grace But when I look at you all I see is everything I've ever wanted to be When you're near it's pure electricity I hope that you can see all we can be Your kiss leaves me breathless Yet full of life Like being reborn through lighting You can't be of this world, So like the angel You are a savior of my soul and the only one that makes me whole
  2. frenchie1218

    Went to my couins for New Years now I need advice

    Thank you for what you said, I was safe about it and they Broke up... I told him I need time to think and he said he will wait for however long it takes for me to make a decision I now just hope I make a good one. As I'm sure you can tell decision making apparently isn't my strongest attribute. How did you get the courage to be open with your feelings towards your cousin? By this I don't only mean open to the world I mean open with yourself about it as well as your cousin? I often find myself trying to suppress my feelings and hide them.
  3. frenchie1218

    Went to my couins for New Years now I need advice

    Thank you I appreciate your support and words of encouragement I'm happy that I found this community
  4. I went to my cousins house for New Year's Eve and only his parents were there with us We went upstairs to hang out and get away from his parents and we ended up making out and having sex We've had a secret thing for three years. We made out three years ago, on thanksgiving and now New Year's Eve but we had never had sex.. I don't know what to do because I honestly believe that I'm in love with him I've always felt an electric attraction between us and so has he. I feel bad because He has a girlfriend and we all go to the same school (her and him are seniors I'm a junior) I told him I felt bad because he's dating her and he said that he doesn't like dating her because they've been friends since childhood and it doesn't feel right to him but he can't break up with her even though he wants to because his parents would be mad at him for it and because he doesn't want to ruin their friendship He says he's going to break up with her soon though he promised me he would because he feels about it also He told me he doesn't want to lose me though and he's acting like my boyfriend when we aren't around people. Where we live we aren't free to be open with our feelings towards each other and our families wouldn't accept us. Am I a bad person for loving him? I know I seem young (I'm 17) but I've never felt anything more real in my life and I think about "us" all the time. It hurts me to think that we may never be able to be together and that all we will ever be is a secret
  5. frenchie1218

    Not sure what I should do...

    Thank you, good luck with your situation
  6. frenchie1218

    can someone please help me?

    I will I see him on saturday so I'll post what happens
  7. frenchie1218

    Not sure what I should do...

    Well whatever you decide make sure you accept it 100%. At the very least follow your heart and remember to think of your own happiness. If you tell her tell her in person but don't suprise her with it. Ease her into the thought of you giys as a couple. Drop subtle hints and see how she reacts to those. I'm back and forth with the same thing. I see my cousin saturday so I'm freaking out about it a bit. All in all just try not to overthink your decision and font secomd guess yourself. Do what feels right and natural
  8. frenchie1218

    Not sure what I should do...

    Situations are only as unfortunate as you allow them to be. Nothing is impossible, only thought to be such in minds unwilling to accept the extrarordinary and unlikely. Fortune favors the brave after all. To me it sounds as if she might like you at least a little bit. Do you know if you're planning on telling her how you feel yet?