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  1. Well we've been married for almost 2 months now and are expecting our first baby in feb, (my third) I have never felt so truly loved like he makes me feel. Plus, he always says, "if you can't laugh at yourself..." Lol!
  2. My husband and I are second cousins. We never knew the other one existed until we met online and started talking as adults. We immediately fell for each other. We like to joke and say it must have been GSA. But it is highly likely.
  3. We lost the baby May 1st. R.I.P. little Noah.
  4. We are both nerdy, we play World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Boarder lands, (any game you can think of we play) I still play my gamecube, my N64 and read Comic books, you name it. I didn't feel like I had to go into detail for you guys to think I'm a nerd because it doesn't really matter. My fiance and I are getting married any day now! AND!!! WE JUST GOT A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! :grin:
  5. It feels like a dream. My son and I moved in with my 2nd cousin/fiance! I was worried about moving my son an hour away from the rest of our family, but he is doing GREAT here! My fiance and I are due to get married in April and are trying for a baby and are hoping to get that (+) soon. We've stayed tough though 1 miscarriage. I love this man more than air. He is perfect and a great step dad!
  6. I had no idea he existed when I find him on Facebook. My dad, a tattoo artist, had a pussy on his Facebook thanking him for a really cool tattoo. I just happened to notice that the person who's posted it was really cute so I decided to look at his picture. Upon further inspection, I learned he was related to me, which pretty much killed the idea in my head that we could be a couple maybe. I added him any ways and we started talking. We went from not knowing each other our whole lives (he's my dad's, cousin's ) (I think my second cousin)) to taking every single day for hours on Facebook. He is
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