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  1. MissyXmushroom

    Similar features in the family?

    My husband and I kinda look similar...
  2. MissyXmushroom

    WARNING about tv media using gmail addresses

    They messaged me more than once.
  3. MissyXmushroom

    Cousin weddings!

    May 27th 2014
  4. MissyXmushroom

    Cousin weddings!

    I would love to see some pictures of everyone else's weddings! We got "hitched" at the local court house
  5. MissyXmushroom

    Is There Any Second Cousins Out There?

    We are happy to announce that we are 11 weeks pregnant with a healthy little one! So excited!
  6. MissyXmushroom

    nerdy cousin love!

    We finally did it!
  7. MissyXmushroom

    Second cousin wedding!!

    As of May 27th 2014, I am married to the man of my dreams, my second cousin.
  8. MissyXmushroom

    Is There Any Second Cousins Out There?

    We lost our baby, but are trying again. Keep your head up. You shouldn't have to be ashamed of loving someone. Love is love. Smile and tell anyone with anything negative to say to shove it
  9. MissyXmushroom

    nerdy cousin love!

    We lost the baby May 1st. R.I.P. little Noah.
  10. I would rather not be made fun of by the world.
  11. MissyXmushroom

    Is There Any Second Cousins Out There?

    I was so worried that everyone was going to freak out. But no one did. They picked on us a little bit but nothing mean or anything. We are getting married this month and I am pregnant with his child! We are beyond happy!!!
  12. MissyXmushroom

    nerdy cousin love!

    We are both nerdy, we play World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Boarder lands, (any game you can think of we play) I still play my gamecube, my N64 and read Comic books, you name it. I didn't feel like I had to go into detail for you guys to think I'm a nerd because it doesn't really matter. My fiance and I are getting married any day now! AND!!! WE JUST GOT A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! :grin:
  13. MissyXmushroom

    Is There Any Second Cousins Out There?

    My second cousin and I are engaged to be married in 2 months and we are trying for our first baby.
  14. It feels like a dream. My son and I moved in with my 2nd cousin/fiance! I was worried about moving my son an hour away from the rest of our family, but he is doing GREAT here! My fiance and I are due to get married in April and are trying for a baby and are hoping to get that (+) soon. We've stayed tough though 1 miscarriage. I love this man more than air. He is perfect and a great step dad!
  15. MissyXmushroom

    My second cousin and I,eeekkkk.

    Aww XD Well it just happened. Before I met him I would have been one of those people who was all "eww" about a relationship with a cousin or second cousin. He changed the way I think about everything.