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  1. Sounds great and congrats LadyC! An achievement worth celebrating witha shopping trip. ?
  2. Just woke a few mins ago and I'm hungry...really hungry now. ?
  3. Dill is a great ingedient in marinades that I have made. Celantro is another fave. Happy gardening!
  4. Something my ladyfriend and I have in common is our love for beerfests. In Michigan, craft brews have taken off in a huge way, and we find ourselves going to about 5 festivals a year. Anyone else into craft beers?
  5. I've always purchased them as babies and planted them. It went well..but it was long ago. I miss fresh herbs. Good luck!
  6. I'm jealous. ????...beautiful weekend to be out grilling, but none for me. I'm on a soft foods diet. Perhaps next weekend. Hope it went well!
  7. Each day with my ladyfriend has been a blessing, and she is a woman I have an undeniable appreciation for. Besides being mother of two children and a hardworking manager of a business...she is an incredible partner. From the little things to the big ones, she's all in. On Easter, I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital (I'm ok). Faced with possible surgery...she went into Super Woman mode. While I was in an incoherent state, she reached out to people within my company and canceled web conferences/appointments I was sure to miss. Arranged time off work. She made sure to have my breathing machine (CPAP) and other necessities brought up... Notified all of my family and friends. She took on responsibility for overseeing my care...she didn't leave my side. After we returned home she made sure to I was comfortable and cared for. Knowing her as I do, there is no surprise to all of this. But the love and appreciation for continues to deepen.
  8. Jealous. I had sardines. :/
  9. Lol...she said to her son, that we couldn't get married because our parents are brother and sister.
  10. When are you two getting married? Of course, speaking of his mother and me. This was said while eating dinner at a friend's house.????
  11. Luckily, I've never forgotten. Stores around us were sold out of eggs. We just finished hiding the eggs and baskets. Can't wait for the children to wake.????
  12. Hi Nessa! It went very well, thank you. I made a couple of rubs. The first rub was made for the chops made from rosemary, seasoning salt, dried orange zest. The chops were fantastic! My second rub is made for my baby backs...brown sugar, rosemary, kosher salt, chili powder, black pepper. This weekend will be fun-filled smoking ribs....low a slow! And grilling burgers with apple smoked bacon. My mouth is already watering. ????
  13. Thank you both. Ah, what is the next step...getting this far has taken a lot of patience and care. We have inched forward at a snail's pace. Moving in was a HUGE step for her and that was almost 18 months ago. For now, we are looking forward to buying a house. Keeping us secret is still her wish for now...but the feeling that I get from her parents, and others, is that no one fooled. While at dinner with her parents, her mother asked why I wasn't going to the wedding, I almost burst out laughing. If you ask me, the facade is for my ladyfriend's comfort. I don't see marriage in the future, not because I'm against it, but rather it's her feeling. After two failed marriages, she has no interest. I will share that I have made a lifetime committment to her...her fear prevents her from doing the same. We won't have children...between the two of us, we have six children. So, enjoying them and looking forward to grand kids.????
  14. Friends, must share with you the smile that is upon my face. Last night, my ladyfriend called me on her way home from her boss's Wedding reception...and she just poured her heart out. Normally, she is very reserved in her verbal affections, but last night left me speechless with her words. Thirty minutes of sharing with me how she feels about me and us. Blown away can barely describe the feeling. Words don't usually come to her easily, and she expresses herself through many other ways. It has been three years, and I suppose the chase is over...but her passion is quite clear. While I've known how she has felt, to hear the words was for lack of better words, powerful. We talked till 3AM, discussing our friendship and all that was important. Love, children, our family. We talked about her fears of now and what's to come. It was a great moment for us. My partner is an incredible woman. A beautiful, hard-working mother of two great children...they are my heart. If you will indulge me...I give thanks to Him for the blessings of this sunshine that is my life. A few years ago, I asked him for an angel...someone to be my partner, somone that I could love with everything that I am, and one that would do the same. I have faith that prayer was answered. I ask that he continue to be in our relationship...guiding us for years to come. Praise to Him! Thank you for the opportunity to share it here. It is a blessing sharing in your stories and receiving your advice...all has been very valuable. May your life be blessed with all that is good and right.
  15. Words are fun aren't they? I work with a Brit that calls his eraser a rubber...about fell out of my chair when he talked about losing it. ?
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