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  1. Closetomydream

    Wedding Plans!!

    Congratulations! Very happy for you!!
  2. Closetomydream

    Her dad knows

    While on vacation with her dad, staying at my parents, she told her father about us. He was supportive. Very exciting! That leaves my folks, her mother and my brothers. So far, so good. :cheesy:
  3. Closetomydream

    Celebrating a Life

    This week we celebrated the life of a dear friend. This week he left this world, and his legacy is a reflection that is cliché...he epitomized that one person can make a difference. My earliest memory of him was going to his store for ice cream following a little league game and then more throughout my childhood. His warm smile and engaging conversation he could easily draw you in. After closing his store, I hadn't seen this gentleman again until 6 years ago. I had joined a private organization, and he was serving on the board of directors. We spent inumerable hours coordinating and participating charitable events. Because of him, I developed a passion for this work, and through his encouragement, I joined the board. Of course, we became good friends...not hard, for this man's zest for God, family, community, life...was infectious. Many times shared..card games, boating around the lake, sharing a cocktail, and volunteering for events. At his funeral were hundreds to pay their respects. The impact that this man made was incredible...the stories of how helped someone in a jam, encouraged them to be more than they are, and so on. It was no surprise that this man was loved by so many. With his passing, I have felt the natural course of sadness, but I also have smiled at the memories. I give thanks to God...this man was a blessing to have in our lives.
  4. Closetomydream

    Cousin Marriage and the Supreme Court

    According to you, speaking with you has been deemed a waste of your time, so I shall not waste anymore if mine. I have no interest in having a discussion with a wall. I wish you the best.
  5. Closetomydream

    Cousin Marriage and the Supreme Court

    It appears that you may assume you are a constitutional expert. Perhaps you should run for office and show everyone how wrong they are. I'm passionate about my walk with Christ and have been shown the way by my parents and the reason for my statement. My, mother, thank you is the ordained minister of my family...not my 'daddy', thank you. I don't assume it gives me any credibility, but I rather look upon that which I have learned. Your assumptions seem impassioned. And, I appreciate people with a passion, but it is not necessary to speak to someone as if they are uneducated. We obviously disagree on the point that was made.
  6. Closetomydream

    Cousin Marriage and the Supreme Court

    Thanks. I have read the Constitution, and I find that remark rather unnecessary. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. So, if your opinion is the right one and don't give a darn about anyone else's. Are you here to espouse your opinions upon others without care or regard to what they think? Really?
  7. Closetomydream

    Cousin Marriage and the Supreme Court

    Wow. We should have a political section. There could be some spirited debates. I don't associate with either party. There are extremists in both parties that wreaking havoc in the government. I've read the opinions from the Court and understand where the majority found its merit. I do not agree the Court or the Federal government is overreaching. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. I could not be offended by all the celebration that is occurring. I'm a devout Christian and son of a pastor. It is not up to me to judge another...it's up to Him alone. While my beliefs call me to spread his word, it is also my calling to ask everyone to search their heart for peace..and understanding. Jesus taught us to love each other, without exclusion. Terrible when I see others spew angry and hateful messages...intended as such or not, they have allowed Satan to occupy their tongue. In regards to law....the law of the land is applied without consideration to my beliefs. Our country is made up of believers, non-believers, etc. and the Founding Fathers intended to keep separate the power of the church from the government. The rights should be equal for all. To whether or not cousin marriage would be legalized by this ruling? I don't believe so and would require another challenge in court. Do I think the court could reach the same ruling under equal protections, perhaps, but I'd expect a similar split.
  8. Closetomydream

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads. For me, it has been an incredible journey...having had four sons of my own, and now caring for her two children. An experience I would never trade for anything.
  9. Closetomydream

    Hi all

    Very cool. What do you plan to do when you are finished? Work with pets, farm animals..?
  10. Closetomydream

    Hi all

    Hello Scorpion Queen, Good to hear you are doing well! What are you studying?
  11. Closetomydream

    On the verge of a break down PLEASE HELP ME

    First, take time to breathe and be calm...worrying about something that may not happen, isn't doing anything. In this world, being distant cousins in a relationship is quite common. Understand if you had children, there are no added risks of birth defect. There's a lot of resourceful information on this site...take time to digest it. Next, while I'm sure grandpa is a wise man, take the time to, understand the kinship chart. How are you related? Then with facts in hand, develop your plan to explain it to her. Better you than someone else in the family. Always best to be open and honest...if she later finds out, it will be the "YOU knew?" converation. Facts to also to consider, if you are in the US...it's okay to date your cousin and, to my knowledge, no State forbids second cousins (and beyond) from marriage. When you are ready to discuss it with her, be calm, share your knowledge, allow her time to react, answer her questions. If she is still uneasy, you could also share this site....then go from there. There is no shame to be had. No wrong has been done, so keep your gead up.
  12. Closetomydream

    My dinner today

    Sounds great and congrats LadyC! An achievement worth celebrating witha shopping trip. ?
  13. Closetomydream

    Almond brownies!

    Just woke a few mins ago and I'm hungry...really hungry now. ?
  14. Closetomydream

    Favourite herbs?

    Dill is a great ingedient in marinades that I have made. Celantro is another fave. Happy gardening!
  15. If you do nothing...then nothing will change. While there is risk of rejection, there's also something good that may come from it. If it were me, I'd take a moment to consider my words, then talk with her...putting all my cards on the table. If she did not reciprocate the feelings, I'd let her know that I appreciate her listening and also how much I value her friendship. Wishing you the best in your decision.