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  1. Huge step today. We told her mother, and surprisingly, it went well.
  2. Thanks KC. Our conversation is leading us to believe that there is an eventuality of letting her mom and our kids know, and should that time be sooner rather than later. There is a bit of a twist in that my mother has on occasion referred to my girlfriend as her daughter-in-law...a bit of a slip, but it could lead to conversation about who she is.
  3. To-date, we have shared who we are with her dad and my mother. Yet to tell her mother and my father..and our kids. Telling her mother is a concern in that she might flip out. This summer, she will be attending a family reunion for my father's side...not her family. The question on our mind is, how do we introduce her? Saying she is my girlfriend means that we should have the conversation first with our kids and the parents that don't know.
  4. Donated $10. Come on folks, help support this wonderful resource! KC, thank you for everything you are doing to maintain this site!
  5. Definitely living the dream! We are all moved in and decided to take a family weekend away. Nice to get away from the unpacking, house projects, etc. Been pretty tense with her starting a new job all while selling a house and buying a house. All worth it.
  6. Thanks all...seems like it's been a whirlwind with the house search, inspections, etc. and the holidays...we close on the house this Friday, with immediate possession! Appliances will arrive Saturday, and then we have a few weeks to have some work done on the house, before we move in. Just as well. It will give us some time to breathe. She has just started a new career and having six weeks to move out of the old place helps. Much to be thankful for!
  7. Hello everyone! Sharing happy news. We have made an offer on a house, and now just awaiting the inspection , appraisal, etc. A big step for our relationship Praying for the Lord's continued presence in our relationship and for a smooth process for the new home. Much to be thankful for!
  8. Sounds great and congrats LadyC! An achievement worth celebrating witha shopping trip. ?
  9. Just woke a few mins ago and I'm hungry...really hungry now. ?
  10. Dill is a great ingedient in marinades that I have made. Celantro is another fave. Happy gardening!
  11. Something my ladyfriend and I have in common is our love for beerfests. In Michigan, craft brews have taken off in a huge way, and we find ourselves going to about 5 festivals a year. Anyone else into craft beers?
  12. I've always purchased them as babies and planted them. It went well..but it was long ago. I miss fresh herbs. Good luck!
  13. I'm jealous. ????...beautiful weekend to be out grilling, but none for me. I'm on a soft foods diet. Perhaps next weekend. Hope it went well!
  14. Pastors, in the spirit of their calling, are shephards. They are there to guide you in your walk. The canon is a collection of teachings that are there as a guide..it is in those principles that ministry us found. While I agree there is opportunity to question for further enlightenment, the message doesn't end with a collection formed 2000 years ago. The search for answers isn't always found in the black and white. Something to also be aware is that the holy bible does not contain all texts of the time.. Sharing my experience...My mother became a minister about 15 years ago, and she wo
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