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  1. Pooch I can?t believe I haven?t seen your reply until now. Things have developed, but you are oh so right: I need to take it slow, for the sake of everything. And I will always have my son in consideration. Also, I see now how "heavy" this is for filipinos. I feel so stupid, ignoring this fact. I would like to update you on how things are going, but I realized that I don?t want this to be public, since L doesn?t know about me writing this. When everything is good, and fine with him, I can update you. As of now I am relieved in regards to him and can?t wait to seeing him again - when we can... Thank you again, ever so much, for bringing light to this issue I have become a whole lot wiser on how two cultures can really be very different. He considers himself filipino, and understands the culture very well - and understands how things can be different from your culture, too. He is definitely a "realist". Can you, by any chance, give me an idea of how "common" cousin-relationships are in the Phil.? Only because, he claims it isn't very common ( and I don't think it is,either) but still... just so I have "ammo" for him, when we talk about this (lol) A date with him sounds so.... intriguing I don?t know your story though, but I wish you all the best, indeed. Anne
  2. Thank you, Pooch I have been so busy, but finally I found the time to explain/answer your questions. Your questions: 1) 1. Is your cousin/loverboy full Filipino? He is full Filipino, and spend his childhood in the Philippines. From age 11, he lived outside the Philippines, until highschool -I think... after highschool, he has lived a couple of years abroad again, but now it is the Philippines. 2) In November I met my cousin and 4 months after, I broke up with my ex. My ex and I completely agree, that we will stay friends and our top-priority is our son. Seemingly our son knows nothing/can?t tell the difference, because we still live together, and the way we act, didn?t change (we hardly ever kissed, after coming back from the Philippines.... My ex will move out during some months, but we have to have stability regarding finances, before he moves out. I think we are all 3 managing quite well. I would never have started this with my cousin, if I didn?t believe he is the one. I know he is, and I just want to be with him, like: for the rest of my life. Do you think I should tell him, that I broke up with my ex -or should I wait with this? Does he need to know as soon as possible? I am really sad, if he thinks he is the rebound guy, because he is not. I only want to be fair to both of them,
  3. Can I ask for an English translation, on any of the longer posts? Thank you in advance, to those who will translate.
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